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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 11, 2007
  • 02:43 AM

Hi, I have been having some pain and problems for some time now. My doctor can't seem to find anything wrong with me. I am going to list some of my symptoms and maybe someone can help me!

- Pain located on left ribs. There is a constant pressure there and it hurts to touch my ribs on that side. It also hurts on that side when I take a breathe in. I know that I don't have any fractured ribs. It almost feels like there is lump located there.
- Nausea
- Headaches
-Abdominal pain
-Upper to middle back pain
-Pain on both my lower right and left sides near hips

I have had these symptoms for a few months now, and they don't seem to be getting any better. If any one can help that would be great. Thanks!

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  • Get a CT scan of the chest- chances are if you feel a lump, it is a lump and it's something to have investigated. Also, you might consider a CT of the brain as well to check for any kind of increased intercranial pressure causing the headaches.
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  • Hi,What tests have you done, and what, exactly, were the results? Have you had blood tests? Gastro-intestinal tests? Neurological? Etc.Best,Shula
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  • I have had an x-ray that came up with no fractures, or anything abnormal. My doctor didn't seem to think these symptoms are anything. My bloodwork came back normal. I have acid reflex disease, and I have had a stomach ulcer, and I know its not that because my doctor checked for it. That's about it.
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  • Is there anyone that can help? Any ideas?
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  • See a good gastro doctor. Symptoms like this in this area of the body can drop you dead if you dont see a specialist. It could also be nothing but see a specialist to be sure. Have you had a liver function test, your gallbladder looked at, is it appendicitis? There is so much going on in the midsection of the body. Good luckAnna
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  • Hi, I'm the one that started this thread. Thanks for everyones' replies. Today, I was going to try and work out, but when I started to run the pain was excruciating. I went to see the athletic trainer and he suggested that I could be having problems with my spleen, and that it could be inflamed. So, I am going to the doctor tomorrow again.
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  • Ask to have an MRI. They detect differences between soft tissues, different than a CT scan. I personally had 2 CT scans done in the matter of 1 year. Showed nothing. 1 MRI showed a cyst on my thyroid, a cyst on my spine and several areas in my lymph nodes that I will be addressing shortly. Make sure the doctor listens to you. I have found that when I speak to doctors, if they are close enough to me in the room, I touch their hand or arm and have them look at you when you speak to them. They are only human too and must have so much on their minds on a daily basis. I have been to a few that were reading my chart as I was giving them the answers to the questions that they had asked when they walked in the room. The best doctors are the ones who actually take notes in your chart as you are speaking to them so that they may refer back while reviewing your chart...Best of luck with you, let us know what happens...mommy cat
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  • I agree with your trainer it could be spleen, and also could be pancreas. Those are the two main organs that I think about. Do you have any shortness of breath? Wheezing?Do you have any constipation or diarrhea/loose stools? Any pain w/ bm?Do you have urinary frequency, history of UTI's or other urinary difficulty?Are you male or female?Are you currently taking any medications? DOM
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  • www.ahummingbirdsguide.com go there...check out symptoms page...good luck...mommy cat
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