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Swollen Lymph Nodes in groin for around 5 months

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 19, 2008
  • 09:37 PM

In august I came across a swollen ingunal lymp node. I happened to be seeing my gyno and I showed her and she said if it does not go down in a month come back. Being to busy with my life I did not go back. Now 5 months or so later I have more swollen lymp nodes and they are on both side of my groin. I finally went back to the doctor. I was weighed at 124 and normal weight for me is 130-135. I was recently weighted maybe a month ago and was 131. I also have been sick bad for 3 weeks with a sore throat and just feeling icky. I was on anti biotics i thought i got better but almost every other day i get a sever sore throat again. Recently every time i have been sick it has seemed nearly impossible to make my sickness go away. I am getting sick of not feeling like me. I am always tired never happy and i just want to sleep and do nothing. Everyone has noticed a change in me and i just want to figure out whats going on. Also about a year ago I had mono. Before Christmas I was tested for it again the doctor thought i was a rare case and maybe got it again. but nope. i am really concerned the gyno tested me for STDs or Infections that came up negative and I am having a sonogrma of my ovaries done. The gyno also said the lymnodes were hard but not fixed. They are also painless. I have had almost no symptoms just have been tired and not feeling like myself for a while. and now i do not feel like myself. Now we are just ruling out things. Any one have any ideas?

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  • get a lymph node biopsy. the sooner the better. you may have blocked lymph node and its backing up the rest of the chain. this will only lead to lymphaedema.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 20, 2008
    • 05:04 AM
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  • First of all it NOT lyme disease as blaze suggests to everyone. It sounds like you are doing the right things by continuing your testing. I would ask your MD to refer you to an infectious disease doctor. I first thought mono as well but you said your test was negagive. However, anytime lymph nodes are involved, you should continue seeing the doctor and having tests until you get an answer. It is not something to ignore.Janet Lewis, RN MSN
    Jankim9597 20 Replies
    • January 20, 2008
    • 07:30 PM
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  • HelloI have just been through pretty much what has been described and come out the other end, nearly anyway.In December 2006 I had pains in stomach that I thought was bad food/food poisoning and that is what hospital walk in centre said it was. I had shivers and felt really sick. It went away after few days. Then in October 2007 it reoccured but further this time my right hand groing swelled up as did my stomach and appeared really large and bloated, Went to Doctors and he could not really diagnose what it was . This was all accompanied by the paid and shivers. It was the groin (lymph node) that concerned me as was really swelled up.Then after about 5 days I leant back in my chair with hand in air stretching and there was akind of immediate release as if a balloon had been popped. I felt immediate relief and things got back to normal.THEN in mid January 2008 it all came back again. I went to see a different Doctor at same surgery and he immediately said "You have a hernia" . He tried pushing the lump in groin back inwards but it would go. He still said that "I am certain this is a hernia". Remember that 2 Doctors had already seen same symptoms and blown up groin and said nothing about hernia.Anyway I was told must immediately go to hospital and he called ambulance to take me. Day later I was given, reluctantly I must say, a CT scan. The consultants and doctors then all said that "you do NOT have a hernia but you do have enlarged lymph node and nodes around stomach are enlarge" . They then said they would operate under GA and remove node for biopsy. They started operation and apparently they then DID FIND A HERNIA !!. So my doctor has diagnosed hernia and the consultants even with the benefit of a CT Scan as well had said that there was not a hernia !!. They fixed hernia and I woke up. Biopsy on the lymph node was ok. Consultant said I MAY have Crohns disease they are not at all sure.The hernia was a "Femoral" hernia (I am male by way and wasnt too enamoured to know I had what was usually a female type of hernia,lol ) .So if you have same symptoms of swelling in groin area do not at all rule out a hernia ,and take opinions of several doctors .Good luck
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  • I have posted earlier but is awaiting modification. In short I am in UK and have had exactly same symptoms as the starter of this thread. Without repeating what is in the other post (which I hope will appear later after being moderated) get yourself checked for a hernia (a femoral hernia) as that is what the lump in my groin was even though I also had an enlarge lymph node. Several Doctors and CT scan missed the hernia and was only when they operated to remove lymph node for biopsy that they found the hernia and fixed it. I had all the symptoms, total lethargy, pain in stomach on occasions, eveything ok and then all come back again, didnt feel myself , couldnt get out of bed and felt nauseus all time I was in bed. Before this I was pretty fit and healthy and this was all new territory. Even though I am male I had this femoral hernia that is usually a female type hernia (wasnt too pleased about that must say !!!)Have a read of this link;http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femoral_hernia
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  • Well, I had problem with swollen lymph nodes with Graves Disease (a thryoid disease) and Graves disease gives many symptoms....I lost a lot of weight with it because this disease speeds up all your systems....Yu might want to get your thryoid tested for Graves Disease and that means the blood test for the antibodies of the disease. You will also want to blood test TSH, FT3 and FT4....thryoid disease effects all you body systems so sometimes it is hard to catch as we tend to just focus on the symtom that is bothering us the most. My case started with horrible digestive problems, weak muscles, swollen nodes and other little things and fatigue and weight loss.... but the cause was the disease. It may not be this if swollen nodes are your only symptom. Joan PS> when I was first suspected for thyroid problems, I also had mono...maybe just coincidence, but though i had a mild mono case, the real problem was the thryoid.
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  • I have had the same problem for months now. I have the tiredness, have had mono 3 times over the years, have thyroid disease and DO have pain in the abdomin/pelvic area. I've also had 3 sinus surgeries and still have sinus problems. If I don't stay on an antihistamine, I break out in hives randomly. I have had kidney stones as well and bladder infections. However, that is all negative right now except for a trace of blood in my urine. After a CAT scan showed multiple swollen lymph nodes in the pelvic area, my Dr. sent me to a urologist to eliminate interstitial cystitus, which he did. Then I was sent to my GYN to rule out anything in that department. I've had a hysterectomy and my ovaries removed, so they don't think there is anything there. I do have IBS, so my gastroenterologist is my next stop. I am very frustrated, as you are. If you find anything out or have any suggestions, please let me know on this post. Thanks and good luck
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  • I have had a prb w/swlln groin pain for at least over a yr and pain generating around to the back of my r kidney. I am so very tired and have no energy @ the end of the day. I do home health care and have a hubby/child and sometimes I just want to sleep and extra hour or two and then once Iam up I am ok but in the early afternoon till evening I am so exhausted and hurting in my groin and back.I also have a hx of microscop blood in my urine which has been going on for over 8 yrs. The Urologists I saw said that wasn't serious and of coarse till this day I still have the micro blood in my urine and pain. I know I don't have health Ins at this time but it really is a shame when Dr.'s see someone w/severe poss health issues and tries to tell you that you are fine. That's so the system won't waste their time on us and especially those who have cancer, etc. why waste the time, I think that is a crock of crap and we need help where help is needed. I don't know what my situation is but I had a cat scan and supposingly they found nothing! To this day my groin still has pain, my weight is up and down, and I hurt on the r side of the back where my kidney is.Carrie
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  • What was the result? I have been having almost identical symptoms. Swollen lymph nodes on either side of my groin. Inflamed and sore throat for at least 4 months. Weight loss - about 8 pounds in last few monhts. Tired and don't want to do anything. Sleep a lot. Loss of ability to focus and concentrate.I would really like to know what your diagnosis was.
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  • Read up on Sarcoidosis & lymph nodes - see other symptoms, etc. Good Luck!
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    • August 15, 2011
    • 10:49 PM
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