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swollen lip

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  • Posted By: blah123
  • March 13, 2009
  • 01:03 PM


i don't know if it's the right place to ask this, but i'll give it a shot.

my bottom lip is swollen for the past 2 years.
i went to see a doctor couple of times and they tell me it might be melkersson rosenthal syndrom.
i also have furrows in my tongue ( i always had this).
i had biopsy and no granulomatosa was found.
so they just does't know if it's melkersson rosenthal or not.

i just wanted to know what are the odds that it acctualy is melkersson rosenthal although no granulomatosa was found in the biopsy.
the thing that realy bothers me about this melkersson rosenthal is the partial facial patalysis, so i just wanted to know where can i get some info about this facial paralysis, what are the odds that it will happen, and how serious it is.

any help will be appreciated.

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  • I don't know much about this,but I do know that it usually involves the lower lip.I also know that it is associated with sarcoidosis and Crohn's disease,which need to be ruled out.
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  • I'm sorry,but I can't find anything on the possibility of paralysis,but I did find a case of MRS where minocycline 100 mg/day was effective treatment.The lack of granulomatosis in your biopsy is troubling.
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  • thanks for the help.but why is it troubling?
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  • Because it needs to be diagnosed correctly.I forgot to tell you that I did find where upper lips alone can be swollen due to stomach disorders.Do you have any stomach problems?
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  • don't know if it really is a disorder, but my stomach tends to make voices sometimes. i also think that lately i tend to go to the bathroom more frequent than i used to (lately = over a year).but it's my bottom lip that is swollen.by the way, what i don't understand is wether granulomatosis is a necessary condition for melkersson rosenthal or not
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  • I'm pretty sure it means more than stomach noises,such as indigestion or reflux.As far as the granulomas are concerned,I found one study of about 15 patients with the syndrome,and only two had granulomas.but I still can't say for sure if it's a prerequsite for diagnosis or not.
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  • I did find that immunosuppressives are often helpful in treatment.
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  • in that study, was there any correlation between the patients who had granulomas and the ones who had facial paralysis?what i don't get is how melkersson rosenthal can be diagnosed for sure, or on the other hand contradict. most of the doctors who saw the fact that no granulomas was found said that it's not melkersson rosenthal, so i don't really get it.anyway, thanks for the help.
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  • The way I read it was that everyone in the study had facial paralysis,but only 2 had the granulomas on biopsy.I don't really get it either,and I can't find the information we need!
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  • about the facial paralysis, is there any info about how serious it is?i mean was it full facial paralysis or maybe just a small part of the face?plus, if in the last 2 years, when my lip was swollen no facial paralysis occurred, does it say anything about the chances of it happening in the future? i mean does the syndromes ussaly happen altogether or some of them might occurr later?and another thing, i've done allergy test, and they discoverd that i'm allergic to mercury, and i had some silver filling whice contain mercury, so i had them removed. now my lip is less swollen than it was 2 years ago, but still is swollen (the difference from what it was 2 years ago is pretty big) , so i wonder if it's possible that the reason for the sowllen lip is indeed the mercury allergy and for some reason the lip didn't get back to the normal size, and only the swollen has been reduced?and again, thank you for the help.
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