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Swollen eyelids, clogged nose-Mistery! Help!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 9, 2013
  • 03:33 PM

Hi, my name is Aleksandra, I am from Belgrade, Serbia and I am 24.
My problem started about 18 months ago, first with symptoms of season allergy, which I usually have in spring with sneezing and runny nose. After that my nose got completely clogged and last years September my eyes, that is my upper eyelids, started swelling and have been swollen ever since! For 16 months now, without a DAY or even an hour of release. In the beginning area under my tongue would swell as well, usually in the morning, but that gradually went away. In addition, this summer, I started getting swollen on my neck under the chin.
I visited practically all the specialists I could think of including ORL, ophthalmologist, cardiologist, rheumatologist etc. and tried all sorts of therapies like all kinds of nose drops (got addicted at one point and had great trouble getting of of it), antibiotics, antihistamines and also many kinds of alternative methods like homeopathy, nuclear medicine, nutritionists of all kinds, herbalists etc. All the medical tests I ever did never showed any problem of any kind - blood tests, renal tests, thyroid gland tests, x rays of sinuses, allergy tests and some immunology tests, and on top of all except for the extreme nuisance and inconvenience of my eyes being swollen and my nose completely blocked (difficulties with breathing, chewing and swallowing, and with the vision, not to mention my looks) I feel perfectly healthy and well. I have no pain, no rush or even redness on my skin, which looks normal, no secretion, nothing. Just constantly very swollen eyelids, nose which is swollen inside, blocked totally at all times and dry and swelling under my chin (which I feared was a swelling of lymph glands but I've been told it is a swelling of parotid and salivary glands?!).
I've been diagnosed with vasomotor rhinitis, sinusitis, allergy etc, and gradually I realized that doctors I'm visiting actually don't know what's my problem but are unwilling to admit that (some of them do admit but wouldn't dig deeper and try to learn more).
One single exception was when this September on an advice of local doctor in the Greek island I tried very short (8 days) therapy with corticosteroids orally (Medrol) combined with antibiotic called Klaricide, (Clarithromycin) and as if by miracle the swelling was gone in two days, but reappeared about one week after the completion of the therapy. I wasn't willing, of course, to take this therapy again for I fear corticosteroids and above all I fear taking any therapy without knowing the cause of the problem.
I'm really desperate so I beg anyone out there who have experienced something similar or have heard of anything like this or knows some doctor who may know about my problem to help!

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