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Swollen and lightheaded

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 16, 2007
  • 04:02 AM

My lower extremities, from the knee down are retaining water, and painful.

--My knees are swollen: they hurt especially when I have to bend down and get back up.

--My shins hurt very much. I assume that they hurt to the degree that they do because of the water retention in such a narrow/"non-meaty" place.

--my feet hurt the most. Water retention on the whole foot--tops and soles. The soles hurt the worst! They hurt to the degree that when I have to stand up after sitting down for a while, it is so difficult for me to take those first several steps. They always hurt and I am assuming it is because the bottoms (soles) are also retaining water and then I have to walk on top of that water retained. Sooo painful and just plain uncomfortable.

--Lastly, though it has gotten much better (almost "cured") since I started exercising again--but I feel lightheaded when aiming for and then first laying down for a prone position. If I laydown to go to sleep or if I lay down to do some situps, for example, is when I feel lightheaded.

Please help! Any and all help appreciated!

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  • please visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com your symptoms are theremany on this site with similar symptomsyou don't have to have every symptom lread where I've posted...you'll get the picture Good Luck and God Bless....mommy cat
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  • Thanks for your post Mommycat.Update: went to the dr on Monday. By Friday they called me and told me to call and make another appointment for this coming week because something is amiss in the blood test results. Right now I do not know how to feel--but I am in prayer for "the best." Thanks for reading my post.
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  • you are welcome when you visit the hummingbird guide...there is a page of tests to be ran on patients to determine ME/CFS there are also things ME patients may have regarding blood work results Increased Cholesteroldecreased cortisoldecreased TSHdecreased potassiumincreased prolactin you may/may not have any of these...doesn't mean yes/no...just some patterns they've found with ME/CFS patients don't remember swelling of joints being a symptom but many are complaining of it, not just you If you read symptoms page on hummingbird site...that should help If you want, you could print the tests page for your doc...if he suspects ME/CFS...he will know how to test by info you bring to him that's what I did...it helped doc out a lotThe exercising and lightheadedness is what caught my attention...MANY complain of this one...including myself Be Well and again, you are welcome...mommy cat:)
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