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Swelling, tingling, pain, soreness and itching (the works)

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  • Posted By: topaz3335
  • August 2, 2009
  • 09:20 AM

Hey everyone,

So I've had a variety of odd things going on with my body the last few years, but these things have intensified within the last few months. For at least 2 years I have occasional (two-ish times a week or so) tingling in my fingers, along with swelling of my fingers and hands. And my hands and feet itch like crazy! As do my lower legs (calves, shins) and I mean everything itches. To the point where I have to sit on my hands because I'm afraid I'm going to break skin if I scratch anymore. On top of that the last few months, I've had some muscle weakness issues. I have a bad knee, beaten it up over the years but lately it's has been giving away when I stand for long periods of time (like over 2 hours), or walk up/down stairs. And I'm struggling with opening/holding things from time to time, like jars, phones, glasses, typing (yeah, typing. sad). It's like my hands all of sudden got all sissy on me and can't manage much! They get stiff and sore and swollen (so do my ankles and feet...and no I am definitely not pregnant).

On top of the extremities issues, I've been exhausted lately. I passed it off as lack of sleep during school (I just graduated from college) and stress due to applying to grad. school (yuck), but the odd thing is in spite of me being so tired, I struggle to actually sleep well. I usually wake up in the middle of the night with intense pain in my lower back, head and calves (it feels like muscle soreness in my calves, only I haven't just run a marathon). Basically I am sore all the time. I work out as regularly as I can, but not to the point of being this sore. I played competitive (and even college) sports all my life and I have NEVER felt like this. Although I do feel like a pill popper, as I'm taking up to 4 ibuprofens every 6 hours just so I'm not in pain (which I sure my liver will just love me for). Even my vision is acting up, sometimes things get a little blurry around the edges and since I wear glasses, I thought it was just my bad eyes acting up, but then I remembered that this didn't really happen until about a year ago, so it's probably not the messed up eyesight. And I've been craving sugar, anything sweet, especially in drink form. I have always been a big drinker (not alcohol, never alcohol actually, just liquid in general) but lately I just want sugary drinks all the time. I chalked it up to being on my period, but that's long gone and the sugar thing is still here.

I have no idea if all this is just me being stressed about things, as I am under some stress right now. But some of these issues have been present for years, they've only gotten worse in the last few months. I'm not sure and I'd love to hear from you good people before I drag my uninsured little behind into a doctor's office. Thanks and I apologize for this being so long!

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  • Hi. You definitely need to see a doctor right away! These symptoms are serious, and are definitely not just related to exhaustion. It sounds like a neurological problem. I am not a doctor, but I am a nurse and know a little about this kind of thing. Do you get proper nutrition? Some of your symptoms could be related to a vitamin deficiency. Are you taking any medications? The itching either sounds like a severe allergy to something or a liver problem. You should really see your doctor right away so he or she can run some tests. Take care!
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  • So you think it might be neurological? I hadn't thought about that to be honest with you...but I suppose it does make sense when I look at it. I didn't mention it on the last post, but I also have some pretty intense pain that starts in my lower back and runs down the back of my right leg, like right at my sciatic nerve. I always thought most people occasionally have sciatic nerve discomfort, but mine gets to the point where it's too painful to move my body or my leg-can't find a position that doesn't hurt laying down, standing up or sitting down. Thank you for your information, I'll definitely see if I can't get in to see someone as soon as possible, I just didn't know if I actually "had" anything to be seen about.
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  • Oh and no, I am not taking any medications and haven't taken anything for...jeez, over 2 years I think. Prior to that the only medication I took was birth control. Although I have been on daily malaria meds. (I lived tropical) as recently as 12 months ago and have been on them for about a year of so of my life, but I stopped taking them last June. Thanks!
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  • Sounds like Malaria or side effects from the meds or both. You need medical supervision for the Malaria. You could also have shingles.
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