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Swelling of the ear, upper lip & lower lip

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 12, 2007
  • 04:22 PM

My left ear occasionnaly swells to the point that I compare myself to Bimbo the elephant. On the last swelling it started by a itch on the ear lobe. The lobe then got reddish, then followed up the ear and started swelling, the ear was warm, red and huge. Then overnight my glands below my lobe swelled and swelling spread to the side of my face. It tooks two to three days for the swelling to reduce to normal size.

This is the third time this has happened. I showed pictures of my ear to my personal family physician and he dismissed it as an allergy reaction.

The samething happens to my lips. This happens much more often than my ear, the lower or upper lip swells so much that I am shy to leave the house. Very often it starts with a small swelling at the upper lip then spreads to the whole lip and sometimes transfers to the bottom lip. On some other occasions it starts at lower lip. Occurs approx. once a month.

I have no known food allergies, and my food intake is the same throughout the year. I very often analyse the food taken before the swelling and it is the same food I have taken the week before, but then no swelling occured.

What is wrong with me? I take many drugs, some for diabetes, the hearth, pressure... Same quantities and same drugs day after day.

Male, 58 years old, 280 pounds (no comment please).:(

Hope to get some feedback. Thanks

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2 Replies:

  • Hey-First of all, Allergies are not a joke. Allergies unfold a cascade of chemical reactions internally.People do suffer from allergies to essential nutrients, fabric softener, mold, and many other things that you are in contact with.Please, keep an open mind. You don't have to suffer from chronic conditions- not from the weird ones, not from the widely accepted ones. There are many alternatives.I sound like a broken record, but I used to get a swollen face so swollen, I did not look like the person in my Picture ID anymore.No one listened to me, until I found Oriental Medicine and NAET.Please- try NAET, Read about it and make some phonecalls. NAET.comYou need a doctor that is willing to treat your whole body as one living being, not to try to isolate problems as they seem "unrelated".I was overweight, I had sugar cravings, I was always hungry, no energy, excitable and lethargic, bad lungs, bad liver, nothing showed in the blood test, except for the bad liver. I was a mess.I read the book "Never Be Sick Again" and that helped me to get out of bed. But it was not until I got treated with NAET that I lost the weight, gained energy, toned muscles, my digestive problems went away, no more cravings, no mood swings.Please-- try NAET. If you find Reiki near you, please try Reiki.Sincerly, wishing you best:Fruity.my emailrustyangel3000 at hotmail dot com
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  • I have to say it sounds like an allergic reaction to me (the glands are swelling in response). It might be a contact reaction rather than a food allergy and there are lots of things that can cause this (pets, bites, stings, chemicals, washing powder, etc.). I would bet it is one of those rather than food.
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