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Swelling/itching for almost a year

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 11, 2010
  • 09:58 AM

Hi, I've been having a weird issue with my body for almost a year now.

Basically it's a swelling and an itching, occuring on my hands or feet. this does not happen on any other part of the body (legs, arms chest).

This is how the events of the swelling and itching occur. Please note that this happens very rapidly. 15 minutes till the swelling and itching take full affect - Recovery time : 2 hours or more. Within 24 hours the swelling disappears like nothing happend.
1. I feel a very light itch somewhere near the endpoints of either my toes or my fingers.
2. As soon as that is touched, almost instantly, there's an increase of the intensity of the itching, which prompts me to start scratching lightly.
3. The itching intensifies to moderate degree, where I can attempt not to itch it but it would be very annoying. Also a slight swelling/inflammation starts to develop where the itching sensation is occuring. This is noticable because the flexibility of the finger/toe is slightly stiffer.
4. The itching becomes unbarable, I start itching away and the swelling intensifies to the point where the symptoms jump to nearby fingers,toes, palm, etc.
5. After scratching away for a minute or so, sometimes the itching stops and the sensation now becomes more of pain (which I find is much more barable than the itching) and my swelling is at the point where some parts of my toes and fingers are clearly yellow/white (lack of blood due to expansion). The usual pattern for my hand is a tiny yellow circle around the area where the itching started. The usual parttern in my feet is usually just scattered spots lacking blood. flexibility is degraded to ~20% in toes and ~40% in fingers.
6. the swelling stays for hours sometimes, and the itching eventually disappears, but the pain stays until the swelling is gone. (probably due to the scratching)

What I have tried to do so far:
- put Ice on the swelling - Does not help, makes the itching worse
- Ride it out - it's been almost a year, although less common now, but still a big problem when it does happen.
-anti itching cream does not seem to work because it can take over an hour to get rid of the itching, the same amount of time that it would take without it.

I am not allergic to anything, I do not smoke, rarely drink (a beer), I do not eat anything unusual, I am overweight (5"8 - 200 and change lbs). When this happens, it's never in both hands or both feet. 90% of the time it's in one hand and not the other or 1 foot but not the other.

Thanks in advance.

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