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Suspected HypoCalcemia

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  • October 2, 2008
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I have been suffering with chronic fatique, depression and tetany spasms for 3 years now, when they first started it was once every now and then but they are now starting to take a major effect on my everyday life, i have been to the doctors on many occasions to find out what is wrong with me and up until this week was told it was everything from something they can't find so i'll have to deal with it... to ... stress. this week i decided to take it into my own hands and told the doctor at the hospital.. where i might add i had to argue to see in the first place that i wasn't leaving until they did something about it, im now being tested for hypocalcemia and have had some blood tests to check certain levels in my blood, i tried to tell my doctor ive had these test 3 times already and they come back clear.. this is where the problem arises, but he insisted on me doin the test, so i did. I have the feeling there going to come back clear and i'll be back to square one, does anyone have any advice on how this vicious circle can be broken and i can actuall get a diagnoses.

Thanks in advance


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  • HI, I am not a doctor. Just a patient who has had tetany and hypocalcemia. This is what I would do if me. Disclaimer- I am not recommending Anything since everyone is different. ok?***Assuming the tetany is not related to medication being taken, I would suspect an endocrine deficiency. Perhaps related to vitamin deficiency also, like Vitamin D. The hypocalcemia is a good test to have since that is a common cause of tetany. Hypothyroidism may be involved. Hypocalsemia may be caused by hypomagesium levels tho too, so those need checked. And that may be an independent cause of tetany by itself, & probably muscle pain will be present as well, if this applies to you. ***Back to hypocalcemia: Be sure to let the Dr. know if you have any other signs of it. I also had brittle teeth, that would just crack & dentures were required. Also my Bone Density Scan of the pelvic region showed calium loss. As if osteoarthritic, tho I was only 47. And I do have arthritis now as well. I also had a non-infarction cardiac arrest finally. Do you have any arrhythmias? I did not, so it was quite a shock having my heart stop during one of the pseudo-seizure episodes that may relate to critically low calcium levels. ***In addition, Potassium deficiency can cause tetany, and arrythmias. But too much or too little can also cause cardiac arrest, and it is not good to just start adding it without your Dr. Also Potassium problems may relate to Calcium problems, as there is a certain trade-off where too much of one may reduce the other. (Actually I only know this part from reading a veterinary magazine saying horses fed too much corn get deficiency. And have not experienced it myself :) ***But in addition to the above, I am also diabetic, with neuropathy, and have had pancreatitis (makes insulin in the body) in the past, which can also be related to causing tetany. A test that is not commonly run in the most common panel of labwork, Amylase level, could indicate pancreatitis. Mine did, with numbers beyond the highest Normal reading. And there was an intermittently occuring pain, very sharp, under the left bottom rib.*** I also have low levels of Cortisol & ACTH which are part of renal function called the HPA axis. I do not know, but suspect that these may relate. And that also an EMG muscle test might be revealing. Or test for intermuscular xanthines (caffiene, theobromine, theophylin). But these are suppositions on my part, and not from any medical source i have seen. Tho it is known that depression & corticol levels are inter-related. One may be causative of the other. ****Please do let us know if your problem is found/resolved~! I do wish you the very best. Regards, C.A.C.
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