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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 11, 2009
  • 05:24 PM

Okay, so here I am once again surfing the web to try to find out what is wrong with me! It has been 8 months, and almost one dozen doctors, and still no answers.. I have extreme severe lower right back pain.. It is at about the L1-L2 level about 2.5 inches out to the right of my spine.. The pain is constant and rates on the pain scale at around an 8 at any given time.. any movement at all of that muscle in the area causes blinding pain! I have been seen by 2 neurosurgeons, 2 ortho's, a nephrologist, internal medicine doc, physiologist, and been through weeks of physical therapy. All to NO avail.. nothing has changed and I am still in very much pain.

This all started one day last October at around 3 in the morning, I woke up lying on my stomach and paniced as I could not feel anything below my waiste! Both legs were numb as though they were "asleep" I managed to roll myself over, woke my husband, and freaked out for almost 10 minutes untill the pins and needles started and the feeling came back. I went back to sleep and when I awoke several hours later, I went to get out of bed and was stuck by what felt like a bolt of lightning.. the pain was intense and overwhelming, and has not eased up even the slightest since that morning.

At first I thought I must have pulled something or moved wrong, slept wrong or something, so I tried to ignore it figuring it would go away in a day or two, After 3 weeks nothing had changed, so I ended up in the emergency room. There, I was given instructions on how to manage a pulled muscle, given flexerol and percocet and sent home.
Four days passed with no relief, so I went to my priomary care doctor, she ordered x-rays and a battery of blood work.. all came back normal..

Next I was sent for an MRI of my lower back, which showed mild disc degeneration and bulging at the L4 L5 level with nerve migration. and an incidental cyst on my right kidney.
The L4 L5 level is not where I am feeling the pain, and when someone presses that area it is not painful.

I also had an EMG (barbaric midevil test that one is) which showed some mild nerve damage, and a few nerves that have branched off into little dead ends into the muscle on the right side of my back.. but not anything to explain the pain that I am having. I have been put on so many meds.. including a med for relieving nerve pain which caused me to lose vision within 5 days so I was taken off of it. I did 2 back to back courses of Medrol steroid packs.. which were horrible and gave no relief at all.

I still awake nightly with the numbness, I have developed high blood pressure averaging around 144 over 100.. my doctor tells me it is due to my pain levels, and the stress of it all.
I have been taking dilauded for pain for 4 months now.. which I am scared of becoming addicted to so I limit myself on when and how much I take, and I take days off from taking it by remaining in bed for the majority of the day so that I dont move around and aggrevate the pain.

I had an MRI of my brain last week, no results yet.. I guess to rule out MS or a tumor.
If ANYONE has ANY suggestions or clues for me PLEASE!!! feel free to write!! I am so desperate for an answer!! I am a 38 year old mother of 3 who cant even walk my son to the bus in the morning without crying all the way back half blacking out from the pain!
I WANT my LIFE back!!! Someone Please HELP!!
It was suggested to me that I may possibly also have a virus in the muscle -- I dont even know how to begin to find out more about that, I am going to mention it to my doctor at my next appointment.

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