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Sudden onset of foot and leg parasthesia with other symptoms

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  • Posted By: defineyourtime
  • March 4, 2009
  • 04:29 PM

Hi, thank you in advance...
Here are the symptoms I've been having for about 3 1/2 weeks:

I am 19 years old, I have parasthesia and pain in my feet and legs, I am still receptive to pain. Some parts of my skin on my leg I can feel sensation more than others. According to the doctor's there is "nothing wrong" with me. I have been given blood tests and both came back normal, passed neurological exams fine twice, given an MRI of the neck which showed up normal. I will feel transient pain throughout legs. Parasthesia/pain is bi-lateral but usually switches from one leg to the other (or prevalent in both). Sometimes can walk fine, other times am limping and clutching muscles, severity varies. Also, my skin feels sore and tender - putting clothes on like pants can hurt, when brushed against legs, and the pain starts from the hips traveling all the way down my legs, I am also very sensitive to touch in these areas too.

I do not actually feel numbness, more of a loss of sensation, tingling and prickling feeling. Pain travels up to thigh and feels like a muscle spasm/cramp that won't go away. The symptoms began with a rapid onset while sitting at work; I began to feel first the tingling in my lower left foot & leg, which then spread upwards and onto my other leg. Thinking it was just the shakes, or I had fallen asleep, I began to walk around; the numbness spread followed by stings of pain. I also have tingling in my extremities area as well. The prickling has spread to my upper back and neck, it feels "asleep" but I can still feel sensation.

It may have to do with my spine, have been diagnosed with mild scoliosis since early age, have had poor sleeping positions. Neurologist prescribed me "Venlafaxine" to cope with the parasthesia/pain... but all of my symptoms are still there. Please help... I am not convinced that this is just "nothing".

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  • please help... the symptoms have not gone away... please, any advice?
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  • You need an MRI of your lumbar and thoracic spine. It is possible that you have a herniated disk than can impinge the nerves as they exit the spinal column. Why did your doc only view the cervical spine? I would check lumbar spine first as the L4, L5 area and the L5, S1 commonly (90%) has issues especially if you sit for long periods or have poor posture. If that comes up clear.....it's is also possible that your muscles are entrapping the nerves. For the parasthesia in your legs, that muscle is most likely in your gluteal region, the gluteus medius and the piriformis. The fact that you have scoliosis makes this muscle entraptment theory even more plausible. Because of the S-curve of your spine, some muscles are lengthened while others are continually shortened. Well, I suppose you would be predispositioned for extra pressure on the disks, so either theory is plausible. You need to check it out, don't let this one go. A good PT or MT (check credentials!! ) can help with this after you rule out disk problems. If it is the disks in your back, please beware of surgery to correct at your age. Usually, these things resolves themselves more often than a person is 'helped' by the surgery. It has a high failure rate and will guarantee long-term problems in your back.
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  • I know you are young, but it wouldn't hurt to ask or find out some information regarding family history. Specifically from those who may have had blood clotting problems. If you are an athlete, have you been injured recently? Have you had any recent surgeries? Do you feel hot or warm to the touch around your legs? Do you have any type of swelling? It can (not saying it is) be quite possible you've developed a clot in your legs. However, you are an athlete so you move around quite a bit. SO...unless you have a genetic possibility, a recent surgery or injury, then this may not be the case. But wouldn't hurt to ask right?;) Good luck
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