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Structure of pelvis and torso horribly changed--what kind of doctor?

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  • Posted By: graymouse
  • May 1, 2010
  • 05:07 PM

About a year and a half ago, I believe I tore something in my lower abdomen, all the way across the front of my body between both hip bones. (Felt like Saran wrap peeling apart--horrible sensation.) I couldn't get any doctor to listen to me about this, as they all wanted to blame the resulting tingling pains down my thighs and bladder pressure on possible gynecological problems. (Oh, how I wish it was.)

Now, a year and a half and many frustrating visits to various gyns and urogyns later, my body has slowly become a total mess. I feel like my entire pelvic structure has shifted upward, along with some structural part of my abdomen. When I sit down, I'm sitting on nothing--there's no cushion at all, and everything between my pubic bone and tailbone feels stretched very thin. In the back, the the tissue structures attached to the tailbone are pulling upward *hard*. It's almost like everything that's supposed to be sat on is instead bunching up around the top of my pelvis (I have a whole new, weird-looking rear shape, let me tell you.)

In the front, everything around my belly button is moving up toward my ribcage. Belly button, birthmarks, scars, the crease people get when they sit down...they're all higher by an inch or so. I feel a constant itching, pulling sensation at the bottom of my ribcage. My abdominal wall has a bad texture--higher up, it feels rough, thick and tight. In the lower abdomen, it feels lumpy and weak. And I would swear that my hipbones are also higher by an inch.

As for pain, I have it everywhere, in every possible type. Pulling, burning, stretching, plucking, tingling, shooting, soreness. Originally it was only in my pubic bone area, but now it's all over my torso and pelvis. My legs feel like they're being pulled off, or disconnected at the socket. If I try to stretch my legs backward at all, or wiggle them around in the hip sockets, I compress a nerve there (probably sciatic.) I'm also starting to have spinal curvature problems (it's almost like there's not enough room for my spine to stretch out).

Basically I'm a mess of pain and misshapen muscles, with mobility becoming increasingly limited. It's hard to sit down, bend, stand for long periods of time, and even lay down. Rolling over in bed is a huge ordeal; it's like I have no abdominal support whatsoever. And I can't stand to have people hug me or anything--they always hurt me accidentally.

So my question is, now that the problem's become so big, what kind of doctor might be able to help diagnose me? I have no idea what category this might fall under, as it seems to involve so many different things. (I'm also scared that I won't be taken seriously. It's happened before. I don't know why doctors think I'm lying or exaggerating.)

Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated!

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