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Stress or something else?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 28, 2007
  • 01:57 AM

Okay, I'll just jump right in. Been having very odd issues.

I had cancer in 2002-2003, long story short, this is what was done:

I was 27, been in remission since March of 2003.

In September of 2006, I started having pain and redness in my existing breast (never was reconstructed, not a candidate.) After a mammo, MRI, an ultrasound guided biopsy, and a surgical biopsy where they took out a golf-ball sized amount of tissue, it was decided I did not have breast cancer again, nor did I have IBS (another form of breast cancer.) They said mastitis, and I'm still dealing with that.

Since then, I've had ear infection after ear infection, severe headaches (sometimes w/ vomiting and sometimes proceeded by an aura), floaters in my vision (very odd) fatigue, itchy dry skin that when it does break takes a very long time to heal and poor turgor. I thought, maybe I'm diabetic, so I bought a cheap meter, nope, blood glucose is only high after I eat. I talked to my oncologist after the ear infections went on for a month, she prescribed another antibiotic, this one with Clav. This worked and even solved my mastitis, but now it's back in full force and my ear pain is too. When she gave me the med, she had testing my tumor markers, that came back okay, but she said my HgB was an 8 and put me on some iron.

I hate running to my doctor for every little ache and pain, but this is driving me nuts and I'm not sure what to do. (She doesn't mind if I call her, I just feel like she's got pretty sick people that need her more than me.) I've also had some weight gain, but I don't think it's related.

BTW- I'm a nursing student, so I've been pouring over my books. This could also be stress, but who knows. Anyway, I know the answer will probably be, "make an appointment with your doctor" at least that's what I would tell me. I really feel like it's gotta be stress, even if I don't feel stressed, but I'm just getting a little annoyed with my body right now... lol. Thanks for any help, and for letting me vent it here. (And it could be that I know just enough about medical stuff to make me nervous, but not enough to know what's going on like a doctor would....lol)

anyway,,, that's my story..

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  • i'm not a doctor either, but your symptoms sound hormonal. I imagine with breast cancer and a hysterectomy that your hrt (if you have any) must be very creative. What is it?
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    • February 28, 2007
    • 04:59 AM
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  • I had thought that too, but I'm post menopausal, so I have a lack of hormones. I am forbidden from taking any type of hormone replacement because estrogen's increase the type of cancer I have. It's kind of weird because I always hear a disclaimer on medication commercials that says "women with a history of certain cancers shouldn't take (insert name of med here)." I always pause when I hear it because that's me every time. So as far as creative hormone therapy, I don't have any. Basically, some types of cancer thrive on hormones, it makes them very aggressive. They speculate that my cancer grew in three months based on my hormone levels, etc. It was huge too, I kept looking at pictures of breast cancer in my doctors office and they where the size of pencil erasers at 7 years. I kept thinking, mine can't be cancer because mine is 9 cm. In my case, estrogen was food for the cancer and made grow very fast. I'm three years past my hysterectomy, which happened because of a complication from my treatment, not from the cancer directly. But I was better off because I just wouldn't stop ovulating, which made my estrogen increase. (I joke that I had ovaries of steel...lol) I wish I could have hormones, but unfortunately it's just now worth the risk. Thanks for writing me, maybe it is my lack of hormones, I'll write it down and mention it to my doctor next time I see her.
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  • Check into candida - some ear infections can be fungal in nature and candida also can cause the dry skin. Especially if you took some heavy duty antibiotics for the mastitis and previous infections. Visit www.wholeapproach.com and www.candidasupport.org for info on this. Also make sure you are taking a good quality probiotic to help rebuild the flora that was damaged by your antibiotic use. Best wishes.DOM
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  • Awesome! I think I'll be calling her in them morning and ask about that. Thanks
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