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  • Posted By: jimnancylee
  • March 24, 2007
  • 00:36 AM

Hi! I'm new here and wonder if anyone can give me any thoughts as to what my wierd symptoms are from...

Three times within a week, once while resting, the others while doing moderate activity, bending over, standing up, etc., I had the feeling of my muscles contracting hard.. up my arms and shoulders, into my neck and the base of my skull. I don't know if it was because I was surprised that I found myself panting for breath afterward ... it was like being squeezed by my own muscles.

I've had no response from doc, seems as if she thinks it's nothing, but it was quite an extreme feeling, as if I were having a seizure or something. She did bloodwork, and as there were no abnormalities except slightly elevated cholesterol, I was dismissed. I got the impression she thought I was alarmist. I actually tend to understate my complaints, so that is not the case.

Any ideas? I feel that to ignore this would be irresponsible.


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  • This sounds like cramping from overexertion or stress. Have you lifted anything heavy recently or twisted yourself in any kind of odd position? Have you been under a lot of pressure recently? One of the main signs of stress is tension.If this problem continues however, you may want to consult with a neurologist to rule out anything serious.
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  • I am not a doctor, but it reminds me of the problems I had when I had a potassium deficiency. You might want to ask if your potassium was checked. One of the standard blood tests doesn't apparently check potassium. Also make sure you are well hydrated.
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  • I hate to say the same thing to you as I did the other person, but your symptoms sound like mine. I have stiff person syndrome. It started with a pulling sensation in my left shoulder blade, but a few weeks later, I developed these muscle spasms. It makes me twist my hands and curl my toes, and weakens my legs, and draw back my jaw and clench my left shoulder and spine straghtens completely when I get them. For me, they're mostly caused by sudden movement or stress. Get a neurologist, preferably one who specializes in neuromuscular disorders. Log if stress, stimuli, or sudden movement causes the spasms. You need some valium or baclofen. Baclofen didn't work for me, have to take valium.
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  • thank you for the replies... I hadn't thought of potassium deficiency, but will check on that. I will also do a log of symptoms, when, what is happening, etc... that's another good idea. I do have stress generally, but nothing particularly lately. This didn't feel like tension though, more of an extreme rigidity which basically crawled up my arms into my neck and shoulders. Never felt anything like it before. Again, thanks for the replies... I will follow through with the suggestions... much appreciated! :)
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