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Strange problem with my back/neck

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  • Posted By: BlizzardUK
  • May 12, 2008
  • 03:28 AM

When I sit down, I get the strange feeling that my back is moving, this gets worse when I sit on a hard chair or lean forward. I also find when I get up out of a chair after sitting for a while that I feel compressed when I walk, as though I am almost snapped in half, or having someone press down ******n me. This walking feeling gradually gets better after a few minutes, but never goes fully. It is worse when getting out of car seats or from lying down, although does happen in all seats.

I have also been suffering with odd aches and pains in my arms, and a stiff neck (I also wake up every night with pins and needles in my hands/arms). The most annoying thing though is the involuntary back movements, as mentioned above, they just happen on their own, as though I am being shoved about inside. I can't figure where on my back it is coming from, it feels like the whole of it. I even feel it when I lie down and stand up. It is a sort of rotating feeling. I can't work out if it is muscles or nerves or something else.

Can back or neck problems cause such an odd sensation ? Why is it worse when I lean forwards ? Why do I feel so compressed when I walk after standing up from a chair ? I am not sure what sort of tests I should have done, although I am for sure having a neck MRI soon.

Thanks for any help or advice.

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  • Would I know if I got bitten by a tick ? The only time I remember coming in to contact with one was when I tried to remove one from a dog, but I couldn't, I don't remember being bitten or having a rash. I do agree though that the symptons are very like what I have. Will an MRI tell me ? Or should I have a blood test ?
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  • Blizzard, Blaze posts this to *everybody* on this list. If by "UK" you mean you live in the UK, the possibility that you may have Lyme disease is almost none, unless you travelled to the US. Don't believe everything you read. See a doctor if you haven't already.
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  • Thanks Aquila. Yes, I do live in the UK, so Lyme is mainly a US thing then ?Doctor wise, yes I am seeing one, but I forgot to ask about what the back sensation is called or could be caused by. I am being sent for a neck MRI for my stiff neck and pins and needles. I was just curious if it sounds muscle or nerve releated, or maybe due a compressed disc or something. I will ask my doctor again when I go for the scan.
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  • Hi Blizzard, i'm also in the UK actually N.Ireland. We're all bored with Blaze's nonsence & wasting peoples time. Lymes has nothing to do with it, aquilla is right it is very very rare here & if it it does appear its usually connected to rats urine in water, and apart from that ur symtoms are not related, so ingore that twaddle ! Have u ever had a whiplash injury or any kind of trauma/accident even if its years back ? Why i ask is because i was involved in a car accident in 1978 & broke C4 in my neck which has caused me major problems as i have got older. Even if u did not brake anything it causes tissue damage therefore tissue scarring. If not this he can be degeneration of ur spine but as u are awaiting MRI scan it hopefully will tell you what is going on ! Good luck & i hope u find the answers soon !:)
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  • Thanks Tootsie. Any idea how much of your back a neck MRI scans ? I am hoping my spine will be scanned too, but my doctor only mentioned a neck MRI. Is it literally just the neck area, or also the shoulders, back of the head, and back ? Also do you stand up or lie down to be scanned ? Just curious really, sorry for all the questions.Thanks again for everyones advice.
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  • Unfortunately if the doctor has requested a neck MRI thats all they will do, I am waiting results of my 2nd MRI, this time they done neck & brain, they are done separately, slightly different positions. How the MRI works........you will have to lie on special table & ur neck placed in certain position, then u will be rolled into MRI scanner it is a very confined space & quite honestly you would be best closing ur eyes through the entire process as it can be very claustraphobic, be prepared for this & u will be ok. The machine is quite noisey, hopefully they will play music during this, but they didn't for me. Just stay calm, keep ur eyes closed, and breath calmly, a thing i do when im trying to distract myself is count in my head it works every time, you will be okay ! Any other questions feel free to ask, if i can answer them i will ! Regards :)
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