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strange... in need of real help

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  • Posted By: JustSomeone
  • September 18, 2010
  • 08:06 AM

Just the other day I had my first bizarre episode. It seemed like everything in the room suddenly started shifting to the left... slowly and clearly (maybe 1 sec or so, then after a few seconds I'm assuming... it sped up. Maybe along the lines of vertigo? It wasn't blurry... but freaked me out. At first i thought everything was shifting, then I realized it was me... then bang is stopped seconds later and for a brief second (again i'm assuming) i went totally blank then immediately snapped out of it. I have had many episodes in the past for nearly fainting, and blacked out once. This seemed totally different and really scared me. I went to the hospital and they are unsure what is wrong, but assumed maybe it's depression. Maybe it is, I don't know. They tested me for diabeties (few hours after this happened) and my blood sugar was fine. My balance was good, blood pressure was fine, no numbness, etc. I am not on any meds, have no infections that i know of, no diseases and i'm 35. I am a pack-a-day smoker but don't drink often. I don't use drugs at all. I generally eat enough (but not veggies). I have had "what seemed to me" irregular heartbeats... very noticible... and went to the hopstial last year and they monitored me for about 1/2 hr with no problems found. But over the past few years this has happened three times (heart flutters, missing beats etc.) Doctors say everything appears fine and I seem healthy. I also had something strange happen just under a year ago... felt like something flew inside my ear when I was working outside... had it check and nothing was found... since then my left ear can't take loud noise (aches)... off an on it feels like something is in it (not moving), but itchy and whatnot... annoying! I do get depressed at times and have felt suicidal (not recently)... could never do it but have thought about it in the past. I always seem to not care for myself (health wise) normally, so maybe there is a depression issue. And a scary thing is sometimes i feel slightly psychotic (have to fight it)... regardless, it seems I have near fainting episodes and dizziness quote often. The only other thing I have noticed this started last year. I also seem to hold my breath alot (which i have noticed recently too) and sometimes have to reminds myself to breath properly.... seems strange. I don't know if i should see a psychologist or what... I can't get myself to talk directly about my issues with anyone... that's why I am here, anonymously. Honeslty I'm too afraid to tell a doctor or anyone about some of the crap that goes through my head... maybe it's all related to this. Maybe is a clot... i don't know. Either way this last year has been extremely difficult.

I should also add that I am obsessive and compulsive... I also think (including my dad) I have ADHD. I have never sought help to see if I actually have ADD, ADHD, Obsessive compulsive disorder, but i believe I do.

Any feedback greatly appreciated...

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