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strange ear & head symptoms

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  • Posted By: katiecoodle
  • August 15, 2011
  • 06:54 PM

Hello - wonder if anyone can suggest what the problem could be here? Apologies for the length of this but I really appreciate it if you get all the way through it.
My husband, 42, (non smoker, non drinker, not overweight) with in April had an ear infection. He had a feeling of fullness in his ears & a vague fuzzy feeling all around the ear - across the scalp - which he describes as numbness or aching or a dead feeling. He also started hearing his own voice strangely in his head - like it was resonating differently on this same side, vibrating in a fluttery way. He also had a urine infection. He was given antibiotics for both but never felt that his ear was right so got referred to an ENT consultant. The ENT consultant told him "there's a war going on in there," when he looked down his ear. At the time my husband thought that this meant there was a dreadful infection & it was maybe not responding to the antibiotics. We have recently discovered that this must have been in reference to the eczema in the ear canal - the ear drum & pressure tests all were normal. The eczema was treated & cleared up. The fullness in his ear feeling seemed to disappear. Around this time, his mood became low and he started being withdrawn.
In May - he was given a CT scan because he was so worried about this weird numb dead 'pain' in his head. I put pain in inverted commas because he says it isn't a pain, just a horrid sensation. The scan was clear.
He went on to develop prostatitis in june which was treated by a mega dose of antibiotics - 8 weeks in all. That settled down eventually. My husbands anxiety was such that he instructed the dentist to remove a tooth, just in case the tooth was causing the feeling - (unfortunately the tooth extraction went far from smoothly, he ended up with more infection & more antibiotics! but its OK now).
In June the ENT suggested he be referred to maxillofacial because he couldnt' find anything wrong with the ear. The maxillofacial consultant ordered an MRI which came back clear. Now the ENT have just said that he needs to come to terms with it as there's nothing that they can find that could be causing this sensation.
He has sunk further and further into depression through his anxiety and not having any relief from these symptoms. He is now on antidepressants.

He has had acupuncture for all the symptoms, and whilst he feels it is helping him with his depression, he doesn't feel that the physical symptoms of this head sensation & the altered hearing on the same side are abating. He is so desperate for help but seems to have been cast aside by the medical community now...I should say that he has seen 3 ENT consultant, 2 Urologists, 1 Maxilofacial chap & endless visits to a sympathetic gp...

What do you think?

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  • Please look in to EMF sensitivity you would be amazed at what electric can do to a body almost killed me due to a faulty ground wire on our home, omega 3 rebuild the mylan sleeve to his ear nerves, I had the same thing with my ears dont give up also look into ground yourself to the earth it made a huge difference to me. made my own grounding mat for sleeping with a sheet of elec. conductive material,keep all elec, cell phones wireless phones, alarm clocks away from your bed at night, my husband cut the power off in our bed room for me made a big difference went thru this for 5 months before checking the ground wire to the house, no Doc. could figure this out and told me to live with it, hope it helps.
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