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stomach problems, PLEASE HELP!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 27, 2009
  • 00:39 AM

For the past couple of weeks, I have had really sharp pains that come and go in my stomach. It started above my belly button with SHARP pains along with a rapid pulse above my stomach as well, the pain gradually radiated down into my pelvic area, along with in my ovaries. It is also above both my ovaries as well. My stomach feels rather hard all around my belly button, especially under my belly button. It almost feels as if there is a lump and its hard to touch. I was on birth control for a year and a half, and got off it this past month, so I'm wondering if that could be why I have been having these pains? I went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with a stomach ulcer, but why would it be causing pains in the rest of my stomach.. especially my ovaries? That didn't really make sense to me. They said if the pain gets worse then to return. The last time I had sex was 4 months ago, and that was when I was on birth control as well, the condom broke though.. I haven't had any symptoms until this past month, so I'm highly doubting I could be pregnant. I took a test right before my "missed period" and it was negative, and I took another one a couple days ago and that was negative as well. I am hoping that this wouldn't be a false negative though.. because I know thats possible. If anyone knows what could be going on, PLEASE let me know!

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  • I suggest visiting your gynocologist. Let them do an additional pregnancy test as well as a pelvic exam. My reasoning for suggesting they do the pregnancy test is it is very possible to get a false negative. The pelvic exam is to more or less check and see how you are physically in that area. I know you say the pain is localized essentially around yuor ovaries. It is possible you could have ovarian cysts ( along with your stomache ulcer) . Also there is the possibility of egtopic(spelling?) preganancy which can also give you a false negative on a pregnancy test. At any rate with you feeling there are problems in that area of your anatomy .. make teh visit to your gyno and have him/her check it out it is afterall their area of expertise. One final note. Birth control does not always work as it should and all it takes is once to get pregnant. All 4 of my children were concieved while I was on some form of birth control . My first was the pill .. 2nd was DEPO ,, 3rd patch ... well ok I lied I had a 2 yr break between my 3rd and 4th .. and my 4th is the only one who had no real form of birth control used. ( my others are 11mnths apart) Anywho though point is get it looked at hun.
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