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Stomach pain after eating for 15 years

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  • Posted By: Confusion4
  • March 18, 2007
  • 09:21 PM

I have had severe stomach pain after eating for about 15+ years now.
The pain begins after i eat certain foods and most sodas.(but not soda water). It feels like im being kicked in the stomach for about 20 minutes right behind the sternum and gets so bad i cant breathe, stand up or do much of anything. It hurst so bad i sweat and can only prey it stops. Ive been checked for ulsers, spleen problems, liver problems, tyroid probs., intestonal probs, and just about everything else.. i have even had my stomach folded to stop my GERD. but the pain still persists. I know it isnt heartburn or gas and no medication helps. I was in the military and have a Dr. now and nobody can tell me what is causing it. they say that i dont need me to set it off to see any problems but i think i do. does anyone know what can cause a severe pain behind the sternum that isnt any of the things ive mentioned?? ive lived with it for a long time and would like to know whats wrong. Thanks

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  • My little boy, 5 years old, gets this problem and extreme diahrea and bloody stool when he eats anything with high fructose corn syrup (soda, candy, cookies, cake, even crackers and bread) Fruit and Sugar also does this but not as extreme. maybe you should get the breath test for fructose intolerance/ malabsorption. He has malabsorption.
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  • duh...it happens after you certain types of food? Then don't eat these foods! I could be an allergy, or you are just sensitive to whatever could be in them.
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  • that sounds like something i should look into.. by the way, have you had your son checked for celiac Disease?? it is also an absorption desease that is caused by gluten intolerance. i ask because of the bread and crackers causeing him to get sick. i had a girlfriend once that had celiac disease and she had a very hard time eating and drinking those foods you mentioned.
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  • i was the one who posted this problem a while ago and have found the answser to it. High Fructos Corn Syeup was the problem. i did alot of trial and error in finding out what was causng the pain issue and when i consumed large amounts of HFCS like in a soda (not diet sodas thy dont have HFCS) the psin would quickly start. i have all but cut the substance compleatly out of my diet and have had no pain since. it is nearly impossibe to avoid HFCS but reducing it in my diet by eliminating sodas (other than diet and sodas made with real sugar) and juices sweetened with HFCS, i have had no serious abdominal distress in months. If you believe what you are eating or drinkng is causing your stomach issue a simple test can be done. Go buy two coca colas, one orignal(with HFCS) and one diet(with artificial sweetener) and drink the original one kinda fast. if you get pain wait until is subsides or even wait untill the next day. then drink the diet one. if you are like me you wont get any pain from the diet one. repeat this test to be sure, i did and found that almost every time i drank an originlal soda i got pain but not with the diets ones or ones made with real sugar. i hope my discovery helps someone else out..DOWN WITH HIGH FRUCTOS CORN SYRUP!!! P.S. there is a test that can be done that looks for mal-absorbtion of HFCS your doctor can do as well.
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    • January 8, 2010
    • 05:47 PM
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