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  • Posted By: kat9800
  • July 11, 2008
  • 06:06 PM

Here is my history...
I am a 31 year old mother of 2, my youngest child is nearly 8. I had a hysterectomy with removal of my right overy in 2005. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia after years of misdiagnosis of MS and Lupus. I currently take Nexium once a day and zantac 150 at bedtime, i am not on any other medications. I am 5'2" 129lbs

this is my problem...
2 days ago around 11 pm i got a severe pain in my left chest but more to the side under my arm, the pain ran down my left arm and made it hurt so bad that i couldnt raise it, the pain lasted about 5 minutes. about 10 minutes after that i had severe pain in my right side under my ribs, i have had this pain many times and was told it was caused by an INFLAMED gallbladder, but this time the pain was more intense, it moved to the middle of my stomach about an inch above my belly button, and then to the right of my back under my shoulder blade and then back to the center of my chest and then back just above my belly button again. I have had nausea with it which i have had nearly continuously since the last time when i was told it was an inflamed gallbladder. I went to the doctor yesterday, and after examining my stomach decided to send me to the er for testing for fear of appendicitis. I had a ct scan with the dye and contrast done, the ct showed no abnormalities and i was sent home with a tylenol and a does of medication for nausea.

today i noticed the pain above my belly button is more sore (like I've been punched) than a pain. My stomach is swelled and there is a constant gurgeling sound and pressure in the entire right side of my stomach from my sternum to my hip bone, and extremely watery stools, well actually no stool at all, only water. I ate a muffin earlier today thinking that if it were my gallbladder a muffin surely wouldnt hurt me, boy was I wrong, within 10 minutes of eating it the gurgeling sound got worse and i was running to the bathroom. I have had 6 watery bowel movements today, every time i eat or drink something it results in a trip to the bathroom within 20 minutes or so, but I am not passing any fecal matter, only the water, which is sorta greenish looking. Any help what so ever is greatly appreciated.

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  • It could be a Campylobacter infection. This is often mistaken for appendicitis.I hope you feel better soon:cool:
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  • I just checked it out, the only thing is I dont have a fever, and i am not vomiting, just nauseated, all the food that I have consumed in the past week was also eaten by my family, and I am the only one sick so I dont believe it is any type of stomach bug or food poisoning.
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  • Sounds like your gallbladder is causing your symptoms.
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  • I had the test done on my gall bladder, they said it was functioning normally. Since then I have had continuing heart palpatations, no pain, just the fluttering, and occassional bloating in my stomach, and last night my stomach looked as tho it were lopsided, with i suppose swelling, on the right side from my sternum to my pelvic bone, I no longer have diarehha, but i am now constipated, i am totally miserable.
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  • What diagnosis did you finally get kat9800? Your symptoms sound similar.
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  • What diagnosis did you finally get kat9800? Your symptoms sound similar.I am not sure but I think that you are having an allergic reaction to something you ate. I hope you feel better soon.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 11, 2010
    • 06:17 AM
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