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  • Posted By: lalmen1
  • May 3, 2007
  • 06:04 PM

My name is Lynne and I think I have an autoimmune disease but am having trouble getting a diagnosis.
I'm a 49yr. old female and have had the worst yr. of my life!
I had been experiencing a lot of nausia and vomitting when I started getting headaches that felt like they were going to blow the top off my head. My Dr. sent me for a CAT scan and MRI. The results were an arachnoid cyst at the base of my brain where it connects to the spinal cord and 3 main blood vessels. For some reason my neurosergeon does not think this is what is causing my symptoms.
I now have an appointment with an internist and immunologist - and the symptoms just keep coming.
Here is a list of my symptoms so far:
Headaches, pain in temple and ears, eyesight getting worse, muscle and joint pain, night sweats, hard time sleeping, crazy dreams, nausia, vomitting, diahrea, tremors, loss of short-term memory, and probably many more which i've just forgotten! lol
Please HELP!!!
Something else which is really weird, is that my family members all seem to have autoimmune diseases. My dad had jeuvanile reumatoid arthrisis as a child, polio at mid-life, and cluster headaches; my mom has either chrones or coleitis; my sister has M.S.; and i had mononucleosis as a teen. Coinsidence?:confused:

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  • Dear Lynn...I am a 38 yr old nurse...I have same sx and then some...PLEASE check out www.ahummingbirdsguide.com on home page, to L is symptoms page, click there...at bottom of first paragraph is a link for summary of sx...scroll down...there is a paragraph listing sx...scroll further down, there is an extended list...everything you mention is there...there are hundreds on this site with ME sx...I'm being checked for it as of 2 days ago being that Dr's have ruled everything else out...It affects EVERYONE from children to the elderly and everyone in between...it affects women 3 times more than men and on this site, you will find 3 times as many women complaining of seemingly unrelated sx...It won't be long, probably today that I will contact my local health dept, give them this web address and let them look at what I mean...I'm not crazy or a conspiracy theorist...I'm just a sick little nurse who is trying not only to help herself but as many people as I can...I understand you will see my postings everywhere on this site but it's for a reason...HUNDREDS are having ME sx and noone can get a diagnosis??? What's up with that??? God Bless and Be Well...mommy cat
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