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Still undiagnosed after 3 years

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 7, 2009
  • 06:04 AM

Im 23 and female. I was diagnosed with presyncope with no determined cause after I had my first child. Not depressed no heart problems and no brain problems. It is getting worse as the years go by. Especially now that I am pregnant with my second. I now have chest pains after the attacks and blurry vision still no confirmation of why I am getting worse or what is causing it. I live in a small town in Nevada. Is there any Doctors out there that can do some more indepth work. They do not have the resources or variety of doctors here or I believe are not as experienced in this sort of issue, but they are still good doctors here. I just want to know what is wrong with me, I am so tired of feeling sick all the time. I have these attacks most everyday 3 and up to 10 times a day with a degree of relief time to time of a few days in a month with out them. I just need a doctor to fix it does anyone have any suggestions on someone who can figure it out.

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  • Slsbts-This sounds like something is intermittently messing with your blood pressure. How extensively have you been tested? Any other symptoms? Do you know what your vital signs are like? Are there any patterns to it, like it happens when you stand up, or when you are eating, or anything like that?-Regards, Q
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  • If it happens while changing your position (from lying or standing on a chair to up straight), while urinating, defecating or sitting up for prolonged periods of time especially in a warm and poorly ventilated environment then most likely for your simptomatology is responsible a vaso-vagal reflex. Let me explain it: for example when u suddenly sit up or when u tense your abdominal muscles the blood from the veins cannot fight the force of gravity for a short period of time so the heart recieves a bit less blood so it pumps in the arteries a bit less blood and all at the same time a reflex is triggerd that makes the arteries dilate so the blood pressure drops so the brain receives to little blood for a few moments and u have your presincope; in the next few moments the body realises that the blood pressure is to low so some adrenaline is released into the blood so the arteries constrict and the heart beets very fast until the blood pressure is back to normal; in some cases the adrenaline can cause constriction of the heart vessels and thus cardiac pain or constriction of muscular vessels and thus muscular pain... but this happens rarely...so what u interpret as cardiac pain may only be palpitatons; if the adrenalin response is not as quiq as in your case or the drop in blood pressure is greater then the person fains and when gravity no longer plays a role everithing is rapidly back to normal again.When pregnant, all off the above are exagerated partially because the return of the blood from the leg veins is allready impared and partially because the hormonal changes interfere with many of the reglatory sistems of the body. The presincopy is not dangerous and no permanent damage can be done... the sincopy can be dangerous only because u may hurt yourself when u fall. What u should do? well take care that u are well hydrated, don't change position to fast, don't sit up to long especially in places that are warm and not well ventilated and if u ar up and feeling dizzy if u don't have a posibility to lie down, lean on something and cross your legs or crouch (this pushes the blood from your leg veins up).If the "cardiac" pain is before the presincopy, or there are palpitations before the presincopy or the presincopy occurs while walking or doing some other kind of activity then u should go to a cardiologist and have a EKG Holter monitor for a day.Otherwise u could have a tilt test for 30 min (done by a neurologist or a cardiologist) especialy if u have a high heart rate while standing and u don't relate your simptomatology to any of the above. If u have other associated simptoms u should get investigations accordingly.
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  • Since your blood pressure seems to be an issue, I would suggest that you have a specialist work to realign your upper cervical region. The upper part of your neck protects the brain stem and, when misaligned can cause a myriad of problems, including high or highly variable blood pressure. Because your pregnant, I would suggest a low-force and highly precise approach such as NUCCA or Atlas Orthogonal. They have both shown amazing results in regulating the blood pressure in hypertensive patients. You can find more information on the following website: www.globalao.com
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  • So basically I have to live with it like all the doctors said. I have noticed something weird Im just glad it helps, I dont normally drink caffine but on the days that I have about 2 or 3 drinks I tend not to have these occurances as often or at all. Hey thanks you guys. Oh and to the person above you, I had a battery of tests that sent me to the hospital every day for a week. I had an ECG EKG and the all day heart monitor. They even put dye in my blood and checked my vessels in my head with an MRI. Plus a whole series of blood tests, glucouse tests, and what not. They thought it was just panic attacks until they actually saw how I dealt with the episodes themselves. Most people with panic attacks that have this I guess freak out really bad or something or over do the attacks. They seemed really surprised with how I dealt with it. Im a really calm person and I stay away from stressful situations. To get a little more about me. The reason they went all out on doing tests on my heart is because I was born with a cleft lip and submuccus palate. It makes me more able to have heart deformaties that may be undetectable on normal tests. Like tiny holes on the flutter things in my heart that is what they told me. I dont remember what exactly they said but its how they explained to me when I asked after the jumble of big words they threw at me. Alright thanks again.
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  • I think you might have candida. Candida loves hormones so puberty, pregnancy, post partum, menopause or women on the pill, or under stress (which is the release of hormones) can experience presyncope. I have known 2 other women with this. I agree with the person who suggested chiropractic and I would also go to www.yeastconnection.com and do the questionaire. If it seems that yeast (candida) could be the cuprit I can help you with a plan that is safe when you are pregnant. The two other women are now fine. If you wish more information and to know if this is the issue, contact me. I don't know how to do that but I am willing to talk to you, if you are interested. Do not give up. If it is candida you do not want it in your body. You can pass it on to your child. It is a living organism so if it flourishes in your body it will do more and more damage. Unfortunately most medical doctors do not recognize this underlying issue. Louis Pasteur said. "I got it wrong, The germ is nothing. The terrain is everything". Dr Wm Crook in his books on The Yeast Connection has written extensively on the effects it can have. His treatment is not very effective. Contact me for a fast, simple, safe method that can save you and your child from these effects.
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