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still not sure :(

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  • Posted By: candyfloss
  • June 21, 2009
  • 00:30 PM

hi, :)

i had a brain scan 3 years ago because i woke one morning with slurred speech which lasted a week, the scan results were, something in the white matter of the brain, but nothing to worry about, i had spinal surgery a year ago for a prolapsed disc in the cervical area, i had a discectomy and fusion, i now suffer with drop foot, my leg is numb from the knee down, muscle wasting below that knee, i have painful shoulders at night, i wake often because of muscle spasm/jerks in my good leg, both arms, head and stomach, my eye sight is getting bad, i keep seeing white flashes, i fall often (broken my arms and wrists 4 times this year!) i have dizzy spells, i suffer stiffness, memory loss and confusion.

my paralised leg has been caused by another slipped disc in the lumber area (so i was told by a neurologist a week ago), he says my head, lumber/pelvic scans came back ok :confused:

why is it that one neurologists says i have MS, another doesn't mention it? :confused:
i saw a gp last week about my medication all she talked about was ''my'' MS and that i could talk to a MS nurse if i wish.
but 2 weeks ago saw another gp and MS was never mentioned :confused:

now i don't know what is wrong, why are some saying i have MS and some saying i don't?

how can i get a true diagnoses?

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  • Okay, you're going to have to be far more specific about the MRI results rather than "something in the white matter" for me to provide you with information. Also, if you can provide the actual radiologist's comments regarding both the MRI of the brain, as well as the spine, I can better determine what might be taking place. I also note that you're seeing multiple physicians for the same problems and if so, can you tell me why? By multiple, I mean more than one neurologist and primary care physician. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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  • hello, sorry for the lack of info, but i had already wrote alot first time but it wouldn't submit. i am copying the excact words from MRI report 3 years ago ....''A small high signal area seen deep in the white matter in the right mid-temploral lobe region. Particular attention was paid to the occupital region which appears normal'' A year ago i saw a neurosurgeon who diagnosed me with MS, i had spinal surgery on C6/7 on a prolapsed disc, after my surgery my care was passed over to a neurologist, who ordered the brain, lumber/pelvic MRI scans. At my appointment for the results of these scans last week, i was told i have a prolapse at L4/5 and that it most probably the cause of my drop-foot and numbness below the knee, i asked several questions regarding the jerks/spasms and was told many people suffer from them ( i have asked alot of people i haven't found one!) the jerks are very strong to sometimes awake me, i also find i do some during the day, which can be alittle embarrassing although not as strong as the nigh time ones, again i only have a copy of the letter sent to my gp.... ''Mrs. ****** recently had a brain MRI, lumbar plexus MRI, and thoracic MRI all of which were essentially normal'' no mention of the prolapsed disc :eek: another confusing thing. The reason i have seen different gp's is that to make an appointment you need to ring first thing that morning and see whatever gp is available, so hence the reason you cannot guarantee seeing the same gp. I always ask to see the same gp, but if he is not available then you see another, or ring the next morning, first come first served! :mad: This gp i saw last week was changing my perscription details, she looked on the pc at all my notes, and said '' you suffer sciatica? .......... hmmmm...'' then she scrolled further back '' and i see you also suffer from MS'' then began asking if i was seeing an MS nurse, to which i replied ''no'', she said if i wished to in the future to go back and she would arrange it!. i'm very sorry for the lack of info on the MRI's but that is all i have, like i said even that is confusing me, how the prolapse in the lumber region wasn't put in writing. i just don't know what to do, and really have no idea what is happening, do i go to a gp that tells me i have MS or see another who says i haven't, how do i get a true answer? i'm so fed up, i feel as if i've lied to my family too! thankyou very much, and hope you can help me, or point me in the right direction.
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  • Simply put, you need to follow the directives and advice from the most specialized source relevant to your symptoms and related diagnoses. In other words, if neurosurgery and the neurologist provide supporting data for any particular disease or disorder, then this is the course you should proceed. Stepping from that point back into the primary care environment would very naturally bring about some lack of consensus because it's not their specialty. Their direct involvement in the more particular aspects of testing and diagnosis for certain diseases or disorders is extremely limited. Your primary care physician is sort of like the front-line doctor who tends to everyday common medical issues and preventitive medicine. They do their best to keep you in a good state of health. But when you have a problem that requires more intensive and specialized care, that's when you see a doctor whose skills and experience are more narrowly focused on such illnesses or disease. So in many cases, people have a primary care physician and if they have an uncommon problem, they also have a specialist who only deals with that portion of your healthcare. Trust your primary care doctor to take care of the common medical issues and your specialist for your MS diagnosis and spinal issues. Your primary care physician will always follow your progress, but there should be no contradiction. If your doctor feels the specialist is incorrect for any reason, then they should refer you to another specialist. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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  • :D thankyou so very much for all your advice, and help its very much appreciated. With my memory and confusion its a pretty scarey place to be, but seeing advice written is so much easier, thankyou again ;)
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