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Stiff Neck

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 1, 2007
  • 04:29 AM

Woke up with a stiff neck...can only move my neck to one side....what's the best home remedy? No other symptoms so I'm not worried about meningitis or anything.... Thanks in advance....

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  • The best treatment is time. Also, take some Motrin to ease the pain. A heating pad will make you feel better too. Stiff necks are very uncomfortable but go away on their own in day or two. If it doesn't though, you might want to visit a chiropractor for an adjustment.
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  • stiff neck is more of a posture problem rather than a disease entity.pain relievers and hot packs are temporary relief and you should try to resolve the root of the problem - which is - it might be the pillow, bed, or the way you position your head when you try to sleep or when you try to work, your head position or posture is not anatomically right - meaning, BAD posturing and prolonged positioning out of the normal limits.to make it easier for you to identify proper posturing, try to imagine that whenever you change position, the head should be perpendicular to your shoulder and the head should be in neutral position - not too bent forward or back. should you lie on your side, make sure the pillow you are using is not too soft nor too hard to support your head in good alignment to your body. if your stiff neck is chronic, you may want to visit your doctor and perhaps, a physical or occupational therapy will help.
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  • cheer up,most things get better in the morning !the big rule for anything spinal is"rest in the acute phase,excercise in the recovery phase."in the meantime,beware manipulation of any sort.certainly,these people will take your money,(often their real specialism.)but of all joints,neck joints respond least favourably to manipulation,the area is simply too complicated .,compared to ,say the knee which is comparatively simple,and more to the point,robust.the neck contains many vital structures which can be easily damaged,often with catastrophic results.(rotating and extending the neck can cause damage to the vertebral artery,a problem that can result in stroke.in the past many strokes will have been unattributed to chiropractors interventions but coronors are alert to this now.interestingly this connection was discovered by the fact that many premature and otherwise unaccountable strokes in young women were traced to hairdressers visits in the preceding few days.tipping the head beck to rinse the hair had been enough to partially shear the artery concerned.simple as that.)
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