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  • March 29, 2009
  • 07:40 AM

Im a 19 year old male that is very concerned I might have some sort of std. I also have issues with ocd so this could have something to do with it but i am searching for answers right now.

So my story is I had protected sex with this girl about 4 months ago. The girl has a history of getting around but I was very drunk and it just happened. A few weeks later began noticing very small white bumps on my testicles and base of penis shaft. The bumps are not raised and look to be under the skin. They sort of look like tiny small pimples but they do not pop. Also my testicles appear to be very red.

After I noticed this I began freaking out examining every where on my penis I then noticed that very small red marks on my penis head again they weren't raised and are not very visible to the naked eye. There only really noticeable if I stretch the skin out. In addition to that I noticed a very small discolored mark on the rim of my penis head. It appears to be lighter colored than the rest of skin. Also my skin in that area seems to be very wrinkly and loose, again I don't know if that is common.

So from there I began searching the internet for answers what I learned from reading was that some of what I was having was common and that I should not be all that concerned. From looking at symptoms and pictures it seemed like more of rash or infection that I might have. I never really examined myself that closely so I don't know if these conditions previously existed.

I got over it and began thinking I was fine and never got checked out.

So 4 months later I see this girl at a party last night and again I was very drunk and thinking I was fine I had sex with her again. The thing was this time I did not use a condom (Very stupid I know.) She ensured me before that she was clean.

Now the next morning I wake up and shower and find I have some new marks on my penis head. I have two very small red marks on the tip of my penis. About the size of a pin head. This is not the first time Ive had a red dot like that on my penis head the morning after sex. Although they go away after a couple days.

I don't understand how that can show up that quickly. I thinking maybe because I didn't clean up afterwards?

So all day today I have been freaking out about this especially with my ocd. My anxiety level is extremely high right now and am just so *****d at myself for putting myself in this position again. I planning on going to get checked out this week. If any one has some answers in the mean time it would be great.

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  • well, i know struggling with ocd during these type of things can shake your world up. I am guessing that you haven't been sexual active for very long based on your reaction. Not meaning that in a judgmental way, but I also suffer with mild ocd and when I started having sex I turned into a hypochondriac from ***l! lol i thought i had EVERYTHING- even when I knew better. I studied STDs and HIV/AIDS for 4 years in high school from running a peer group and traveling around the state, but I couldn't apply what i knew to ME. go on to the free clinic in another town if u need to and get checked out. u wont feel better until the "professionals" tell u ur fine. :)
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  • Well first off I am aware that what I did was very stupid but she did not take advantage of me and vice versa. Secondly I have had sex in the past but it was always protected with people that I knew where std free. I did not notice these symptoms till after this girl. Thirdly, I am going to get tested but came here to see if from my symptoms what it could be std or could it be something else.So please comment only if you have advice or any other positive feedback
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  • Well being young and stupid has a lot to do with this not to mention that im in college. I am not just going to stop drinking I will agree with you that drinking causes you to do stupid things but I realize I have to make better decisions when under the influence. I have heard of the fordyce spots before and want to hope that is what it is.Thank you for your responses and I not as bad as a guy your seem to be making me to be.
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  • Get some medication and stay away from this girl! If you go to www.rxovernight.net they carry a wide variety of meds for STD's and you don't need a prescription or insurance to order as they have online U.S. licensed doctors and pharmacies to review, issue and ship the meds. Read about the various ones and pick what you think will work best and then place your order and the doctor will review it. Saves time and money and the meds also come in a plain package so people don't know what you've ordered. Good luck to you!
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