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Starting to give up on doctors, can you help?

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  • Posted By: Miranda0625
  • May 3, 2009
  • 02:54 PM

16 yrs old
130 lbs
Severe Allergies

Okay so here’s my story… Summer of 08 I started to become a lot sicker than I ever had before. I’ve always been the girl that get’s the flu every year, gets any cold or cough I come in contact with but summer of 08 was different. I would go out with my friends and I just wanted to go home and sleep, I traveled to Texas to see some friends and the only thing I wanted to do was take naps during the day and I was constantly taking ibuprofen to attempt to get my three week long headache to go away. That week I started forgetting things that just happed, nothing like my name, but I would walk out of the room almost in tears and not twenty seconds later I forgot what I was crying about. I just wasn’t myself. I came home after a couple weeks visiting my friends and my headaches started to turn into migraines, I went to my family doctor he ordered some simple blood tests and said I was slightly anemic but it was nothing to worry about because evertyhign else was fine asked me to take some prenatal vitamins said it would help out a little. A couple weeks later I started school. I would come home from school and just want to sleep, my eyes were super sensitive to light and I would come home in tears. I couldn’t handle my workload in school with all that going on so I dropped my advanced classes, started missing classes, falling asleep in class, not getting all my homework done and it just wasn’t me because I’m the “smart girl” the girl who gets great grades, and people come to me for help. So I went back to my family doctor and when he saw me in pain he immediately started to worry, gave me a shot of medicine in my leg, but I can’t recall what it is at the moment, then gave me a prescription for viccodin and scheduled an MRI for two days later. I got home and Viccodin DIDN’T HELP, but they found three unidentified white lesions in my MRI said they were nothing to really worry about but I ended up going to a couple neurologists. I was on so many different medicines that just didn’t work, finally when I started crying in school because I was in so much pain my mom had enough, she took me to the hospital and they knocked me out with a few different medicines and told me to try 10 mg of amitriptyline HCI. Finally they found something that helped make my headaches not as bad, so they eneded up taking it to 30 mg of amitriptyline in the evenings. Still continueing that medicine I only had a couple headaches a week and only a 2-3 migranes a month, I was so greatful to the hospital. Still with fatigue almost daily some days just still wanting to sleep I didn’t really worry because I wasn’t in as much pain as before but a couple months passed by and it started getting worse. This is where I’m at today with all my questions, fed up with doctors I’ve had enough. About two and a half months ago, my asthma had started getting pretty bad, slowly but surely I got up to 3-4 asthma attacks a day. Went to a doctor he prescribed me Prednisone the six tablets on first day five on second day ect… and it didn’t help the only thing it did was make my heart race and I didn’t like it at all. Ohhh, also I had been on allergy shots for several years with his practice although they didn’t really help I had high hopes. Finally he told me that he didn’t really know how to help wish he could but there was nothing he could do for me. So I found a new allergy and asthma doctor again he prescribed me Prednisone, but this time it was 3 25mg tablets for three days 2 for two days and one on the last day figured that might be different so I agreed to try it I’m on the fifth day now and still no change in my asthma… Also here are some other things that have been happening lately… May have NOTHING to do with my sickness, but just incase I figured I would say something. I fall all the time, trip even more, even last night I went to sit on the couch and completely ened up on the floor. I go to walk around something and I walk into it instead. When I read, sometimes my words get all jumbled and I cant concentrate even on a simple sentence. For the past week or so I’ve been sleeping 16-20 hours a day and this just simply ISN’T me. I went to take an SAT and fell asleep in the middle of a section. My friends have been going out for at least two weeks I haven’t gone ANYWHERE again just simply not me. Like at the beginning of the year I’m starting to miss classes, two more days I miss ill fail, no acceptations. My headaches are coming back, and I just don’t want to be sick anymore. I don’t drink, ha take a teenager and ask that pretty sure not one will agree to it, but I promise you I’m not into drinking or drugs. I’m not sexually active, no boyfriend even. I don’t really have the energy to do much more than necessary. Any opinion, advice, or even suggestions on what tests to have my doctors run id owe you big time. Thanks so much for reading practically a novel you don’t know how much help you could potentially be. Any further questions I’ll answer. A little background but nothing necessary to read…

No family history of allergies, but I seem to have more food allergies than all people I know combined.
No family history of illnesses, great grandmother is 96 and still healthy with the exceptions of glocoma (sp?) and other common elderly illnesses
Mother and grandmother both had asthma but outgrew it
CT scan of my sinus’s came out clear
No history of migraines in my family
No history of Cancer
I bruise easily….No idea why
I’m a very ***m, good mood, not depressed or anything like that

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  • Hi Miranda,I have just read through your many symptoms and although I have no medical qualifications I think you need to go back to your doctor and insist that you be referred to a neurologist who can do further brain scans to check out those white spots that showed on the MRI scans. They may be causing the loss of balance, difficulty with your eyesight and severe headaches. As you are only 16 you could see a specialist at a children's hospital. Rule out things one by one as it all seems to be a bit overwhelming for you. Keep strong-best wishes, Annette
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