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sporadic hair growth speed, hand sores, shingles, armpit irritation

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 18, 2012
  • 09:07 PM

I'm a 27 year old male. I have hsv2, but I've never experienced an outbreak, and I don't take an rx for it. I get sick once every 2 years, and I take 1g of vitamin c daily. At the dr, my pulse was 58, bp 114/62 I think it was? No stress, no girlfriend. I thought I was pretty healthy.

currently additionally taking bactrim ds twice a day / acyclovir 800mg 5x a day

I've got shingles right next to my right elbow, on the inner side, and on the inner side of my right bicep. Odd for someone my age

My armpit feels raw, irritated. I've noticed there's dry skin there, that I've never had before. I had a sore, also in my arm pit, that the dr thought was foliculitus or whatever, and gave me bactrim because it looked maybe like it could get infected. I've had a zit in my armpit before, and squeezed the **** out of it and it healed. This thing, is taking longer, and when I did that, nothing really came out. Two hairs were growing out of it, so I thought maybe that had something to do with it, and plucked them. Didn't really help.

My body hair is growing weird. The Dr asked me if I shaved body hair, and I said I trimmed. Now I notice, that the hair on my shoulders is growing at varying speed. Some hairs are barely even breaking the surface, while others are 10x the side. I've never noticed this before, either..it's like, sporadic hair growth speed? Is that a symptom?

I used to sometimes get something that would look like a wart on my fingers tips, but burried, that would eventually go away and make my fingers look like they had a hole in them. This is back, on the tip of my finger as seen, it's weird, sore, and looks like it's an even deeper shade of red in the middle.
On top of that, something I've never had, are the two red bumps on my finger. This bump on the left is pretty big, pushes the skin up, but appears to be below layers of skin? I can't make out very much detail, like the one on the tip of my finger..so I'm not sure if they're related or not.


I guess just all of these weird things happening all at once has got me a little stressed now, wondering what it all has to do with each other, or if they're symptoms of something bigger. My mom had breast cancer. I'm not really sure how to start inquiring or to the right people..a dermatologist, or if I should get blood work taken, or what ;o

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