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  • Posted By: iTzTeddy
  • April 10, 2007
  • 00:11 AM

Hi lately my muscle or my arms and legs been acting weird. I feel like my arm is shaky, and my legs feel tired, and any minute it will collapse, especially when i sit down my legs feel so tired i gotta keep moving it, and it feels shaky, and my arms been spazzing lately, like muscle twitches not that powerful twitch that i just be standing there and then all of a sudden jump and punch someone, not like that but my arms feel like little spasms, i just had it, havent been seen by doctors yet, can someone help me. Im sitting down right now and my leg feels so weird like shaky and tired. And when i stand, it usually feels better, but if i put pressure on a leg while standing, it feels shaky and im about to fall any moment, but i don't, my leg isn;t that weak to fall like that.

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  • Are you on any meds?DOM
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  • no im not does acne medicine count? lol
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  • oops that was me but i didnt sign in, but yea i use acne cream does that count. Maybe im tired i dun get much sleep and i have a headache for like a while now, im in track and we did a major practice and after that day the next day it started to feel like this.
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  • What is the acne cream - is it prescription?
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  • it could be neurological. you should have an eeg, just to be sure. I stared having weird twitches and spasms in my arms and legs, and i ended up finding out i have myoclonic epilepsy. you should keep track of how often they occur, what may seem to trigger them, and if they are worse when you are tired, if there are triggers like when you are tired, then it is most likely seizure related,
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  • You need to break down and see a doc. Your problem could be anything from diet related to neurological. You could have a disk out of alignment or a loose ligament in your spine that allows a vertebre to move causing these symptoms, it could be a deficency of something or an excess. There are just too many variables to get a diagnosis on-line without having any test results. Go to a chiropractor too, they can work miracles. I was a skeptic until I broke down and went to one just to make grandma happy. They really do help with a lot of problems. The best solution for most problems is a mixture of scientific and natural medicine.Good luck and let us know how it goes at the doc.
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  • Acne cream does count as a medication if it's by perscription. There is a chance of it being absorbed into the blood stream (especially those with salycites like Retin-A) and causing problems. You should see a neurologist and possibly get a CT of the brain ordered to look for abnormalities or changes.
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  • Did you work out for the first time in a while at your track meet? I did this strenuous leg and lower body workout and my legs were weird for a few days because I probably over-worked the muscles in my thighs, and when I walked they would contract on their own, so I walked like a robot. I would assume an arm can do that too. So if it's only been a day, just take a hot bath and rest and make sure you get sleep and water and everything else your body needs to heal. If it gets worse or stays bad for more than 2-3 days, then see a doctor.
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  • yea i guess thanks for helping i was schedule for a neurologist but ey had to reschedule to a farther time cuz something came up, why does it take so long to have an appointment with a neurologist.
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  • Man a lot of things has a lot to do with the neurologist doesn't it, i looked around in the forums a lot, and a lot of ppl suggesting the neurologist, but of course i wouldn't know, im only 15, yeah kinda young to be on these forums, but theres been a lot in my mind and i've been very scared lately from these.[
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  • I can remember waiting like four months to get in to see a neurologist. I don't know why it takes so long.
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