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something is wrong in my head and i dont know what?

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  • Posted By: pablaaaa
  • April 14, 2009
  • 01:46 AM

So I don't exactly know where to start with this. All i know is thers something wrong with my mind. I remember when I was 4 years old, i was extremely shy. not just shy, but OVERLY shy I was afraid to speak any words to anyone who wasn't my mom dad or sister. as school progressed it got better, but now i am 17 and i notice myself avoiding social situations often. A lot of the times i become nervous then i can't think of anything to say because I get so nervous. I constantly analyse what I say after a situation and I always feel stupid for something. My father has a neurological condition that the doctors have given up on and if nothing is done about it he will die. He vomits several times a day and is in extreme pain All the time and he has amnesia. he has forgotten 5 years of my life. I feel extreme sadness and guilt that he forgets his and my mothers divorce that happened a long time ago but he still thinks that our family should still be together because he doesnt remember the divorce or what happened to cause them to split up. I feel extreme guilt allllllll the time. I constantly have negative thoughts like of my dad dying and how sad and messed up i am going to be from it. I always seem to be worried about something. My throat tightens, my chest feels like its a million pounds and my stomach feels like its in knots. I spend hours on medical sites like these trying to find whati s possibly wrong with me but it seems like its more than one thing thats causing me to be like this. I always goes through periods of depression and sometimes I will feel fine for a bit then it will come back, but it seems that the periods of me not being depressed are becoming more and more minimal. I am very reserved and have never talked to a single person about this. I just think I have too many problems in my head to even manage and it seems to be unapparent to everyone but myself. Therse so many other things but I just can't think of everything right now. I know it sounds like a million things but can anyone tell me what mental problem(s) i may have.

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  • Hi there. My name is Adrian, and I read your story and had to comment. First, being shy is not something "in your head". This comes from when you were a baby and how secure your relationship with your parents was. Babies that are very clingy and will not venture away from their parents have been known to become shy children and adults. This does not mean you have bad parents, it just means you were not as secure (or comfortable) being away from them. I believe the way to overcome being shy is to force yourself into social situations...a little at a time. Start with just one or two people that you feel comfortable with, then work your way into a situation where you don't know someone. Start a random conversation with someone you don't know...things like that should help. When it comes to your father being ill, it sounds to me like you are having anxiety attacks. This is not uncommon. It is ok to feel sad, nobody wants to see their loved one in pain. It is especially frustrating when no doctor will help! As far as feeling guilty, what do you feel guilty about? Depression comes in many forms. It ranges from mild to severe. There is also something called bipolar disorder or manic depression. This is something that makes you feel pretty happy at times, then swings the opposite direction and makes you feel so down and depressed. I don't know if you fit this category, but if so, this is a hormonal imbalance and can be corrected with medication. If you do fit the category of manic depression, I recommend seeking help soon. My cousin, Heather, was manic depressive and didn't tell anyone...and she suffered so much that she took her own life. It sounds to me like you need to speak to a therapist or some kind of professional that can help you sort out your feelings. I hope that helped, even if only a little bit. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!Take care,Adrian
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  • thanks so much for replying to my post. Well, i feel guilty about pretty much anything. I feel guilty if i dont answer the phone when someone calls, or sometimes i could even think back to an instance years ago when i treated someone bad and i feel excessive guilt for it that i cant seem to shake. my mood does change rapidly sometimes but when i research all these depressive disorders i always find symptoms i have in different disorders i cant really find one that i think completely applies to me.. i think i have more than one thing wrong with me but i cant figure out what
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  • At long last BLAZE, I just have to state here that you are, without doubt, the most repugnant and disgusting moron I have ever encountered to date. You have absolutely no sense of decency whatsoever toward these people and their medical problems. You work tirelessly in trying to divert these people to alternative websites where there is hope that they can be tricked into obtaining all sorts of lab tests, purchase detection devices and make money donations. It is a scam in every sense of the term. You have come to represent nothing more than a constant nusiance to people seeking answers to medical dilemmas and it is a labor-intensive effort to wade through your repeated postings of nothing more than absolute nonsense. Either open a separate category on the forum for people who somehow wish to be entertained by your flagrant deception, or find the common decency to stop lying to these people about pretending to share their symptoms simply to gain their confidence. It's a scam and you need to be removed from exposure to the people on this forum if you can't learn to approach the matter honestly and without constant attempts to divert people to sites seeking money. You have no genuine interest in helping people, but rather swindling them. Go away. You're disgusting to say the least. J Cottle, MD
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  • One of your issues is certainly anxiety... and if you think you are depressed.. you probably are. I personally think you need to stop trying to analyse what your issue is and seek some professional help eg going to see a psychologist for proper diagnoses would be a good idea. best luck
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  • Sounds like you have severe anxiety. I too suffer from major anxiety problems. Just recently it landed me in the ER thinking I was going to have a heart attack.I am also very shy and always have been. In school I was always foced into social situations, which I hated! I was always in the popular group and I dont know why, b/c I was so nerdy at heart and such a loner. I remember back as far as my childhood feeling anxious about things. I always fear that my Mom was going to die. I never had any reason to feel this way...she has always been super healthy.As an adult this hasnt gotten any better for me...no instead of fearing my Mothers death, I am in constant fear and worry that something is going to happen to my children. I have always just sort of dealt with the anxiety, but when I ended up in the ER I decided to seek help.It's one thing to have a mental health issue, but when it starts to affect you physically, that's another whole can of worms.So I saw a psychiatrist and told him about my constant worrying, about everything and he diagnosed me with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)...no surprise there. He put me on Lexapro...that didnt really work out too well for me. It made me feel SICK! Currently I am still trying to just deal with my problems.My advice to you would be to see a psychiatrist. Tell him/her how you have been feeling for soooo many years and they will be able to help you. Whether you chose medicine or therapy, either way I think you need to get help. You dont have to continue on feeling this way, a Dr can help you feel better.
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  • Hello, My name is _____________. For my whole life i have been a misbehaved child.i was always complaning about something. Me and my parents didnt take notice to it at all. Now i am 16 years old i have very disturbing thought come into my head. I have extreme rage sometimes. I do not think im bipolar because. Its only rage that comes suddently to me out of nowhere. Everyday when i walk down the hallway and pass somebody, it does not matter who it is, I get a strong urge to just hurt them. I honestly am a bully and i hate myself for that.I feel like im two different people that are fighing. I have been to many phsyciatrists(that is spelled so wrong) and they said that i have ADHD, because i cant pay attention in school. I have the ability to get good grades but i dont see the point to do so. So i just take the easiest route for me. Nothing really bad happened in my life,, other than my parents getting divorced, but that didnt really affect me ALL that musch. I have a sister and a brother. My sister is a Straight A high honorol student, my brother is in the navy as an EOD tech.If anybody can explin these feelings to me i would greatly apprecheiate it.
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    • November 24, 2010
    • 03:10 AM
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  • your problems...are so similar to mine that i find it frightening...i always thought i was the only one...i feel so alone, i cant bring myself to tell anyone my problems, but nobody would understand if i could...i know you wrote this 5 years ago but i hope you respond....please, help me...
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  • your problems are so similar to mine its frightening....i know you wrote this 5 years ago but i need someone to talk to...
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