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Somebody please help me, no one has responded. Any suggestions?

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  • Posted By: angel07
  • March 30, 2007
  • 10:59 PM

Please help me with any suggestions. I wrote earlier but no one responded. I am a 25 yr old female, single mother, and i have had headaches most of my life. But about a week ago they became very strong and frequent lasting all day. They have been going on for over a week now. Along with these headaches i have numbness in my face and my left arm feels like it is falling asleep all day. The base of my head where my neck begans aches with nots. I have felt very weird, sharp pains in my temples, pulsating all over my head, dizziness, confusion at one time, nausea, sensitivity to light, ears ache, sharp pains in my chest every now and then. I am very tired and falling asleep at work. These headaches are so strong that i can not focus and they make me feel very sick. I have been to the dr. he sent me to the ER, they did a CT and it came out neg. But im not sure the ER doctor looked for anything specific. I am worried because i am getting worse not better, especially since this numbness in my left arm has increased with coldness in the tips of my fingers. If you have any idea what could be causing this it would assist me in figuring what is going on. I know there is something wrong because I do not feel right. You know when something is wrong with your body. My dr has no idea and he even told me that. My mom thinks i just need a caropractor, but i feel like its something else. Just the way that I have been feeling is not right. No one really believes there is anything wrong. I wish and hope that were the case but i can't help feeling that something is off. Please help me. I have a 2 yr old and most of the time i don't have enough energy to give him. I keep thinking the dr. is missing something. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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  • Chiropractic is probably worth giving a shot....listen to your mother. It sounds very much like what a chronic subluxation can do...if left unremoved. Pain down the arm means one of two things: cardiovascular or neurological. If you had an MRI, you've been to a doctor who's probably checked for cardiovascular problems and probably ruled them out...if you went ahead and got that MRI (looking for neurological problems). What that MRI probably didn't show was the lower neck (the area where the nerves exit and go down the arm), but you'll at least be able to see the top 2 or 3 bones in the neck. If they're all in more of a straight column and not in a normal curve similar as that shown at some quick reference websites (see idealspine.com), then 1) your brainstem is being pulled down into your upper spinal canal and affecting all kinds of things and 2) your lower neck is bearing more weight from your poor neck biomechanics and your lower cervical disc degeneration is putting undue stress on that nerve supplying your arm.Simple answer is have a corrective care chiropractor (see that website for an easy way to do find one) take an xray of your neck and let them talk to you about the implications of "hypolordosis" of the cervical spine. If you do have this, it can and does seriously start to shut you down over time. I hope this helps. Good luck.
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  • I don't know how much help I'll be, but I will try. I do have a few questions, though. First off, do you take any medications, herbs, vitamins, or supplements? Have you recently discontinued taking any of these? Have you had a recent injury to either your head or neck?The problem does sound neurological in nature, so maybe trying a neurologist with a university hospital, since they usually have more experience with uncommon symptoms and diagnoses, and most university hospitals are teaching, so you'll get a whole team working on your case. Also, some problems cannot be seen on a CT scan alone. I'd suggest requesting an MRI.I do hope you get to feeling better soon, and I hope this gets cleared up for you.Later,Ericka
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  • Hi. The CT was of your brain, right? It's really difficult to read them "incorrectly"- if there was a mass (tumor) then it would show up as something; the question being if the doctor could ID the tumor correctly or not.Definitely request an MRI, and consider consulting with a neurologist as well.
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  • What about your blood-oxygen levels? Maybe your heart is not pumping enough oxygen to the rest of your body.
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  • For years I was told I was having migrains. So I thought my head was making my spine hurt. Finally a couple of years ago I saw a neurologist and an Orthopedic Dr. The Neuro said it was my back making my head hurt. I had Osteoarthritis and Firbomyalgia. Due to the inflammation in my spine it would cause some of the odd sensations I would get in my arms and fingers. If you are not sleeping well this could cause hypersomnia. Perhaps try another Dr. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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  • Due to the knots in your neck, I would recommend trying acupuncture, or chiro, or massage to help relax your neck, as it is certainly contributing to the headaches, though may not be the initial cause. I also agree an MRI may be helpful, and if you could please post answers to Ericka's questions it will help. A good Doctor of Oriental Medicine will look at all of your symptoms and come up with a diagnosis based on these...I think it would be very helpful for you. You can continue to get tests done to rule out cysts, herniation, or neurological issues. But you first of all need relief and a good night's sleep! Acupuncture is brilliant for headaches and migraines. Best wishesDOM
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  • Dear OPAs I have mentioned in many of my posts, I suffer from environmental disease. I always had similar headaches but in the last 2 months I have been able to identified them as allergic reactions. I also start feeling sleepy, I get a weird pain in my wrist and I feel the muscles in my face and throat having spasms, and sudden lost of energy.Fragrance, cosmetics, printed paper, polyester and formaldehyde are the allergens. I could not tell that what you have is an environmental condition, but you may want to pay close attention to your surroundings and think if you want to get a NAET muscle test for allergies. NAET as a treatment eliminates the allergies permanently so if it happens to be allergies, you can reverse it.Take Care-I hope you figure it out soon.Best.
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  • You should not only be concerned about your head but also your neck. As some body above stated. It could be your neck contributing to your pain. I would suggest getting a cervical MRI & an MRI of your head. CT's can miss some things.
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  • Check with a pain management specialist. I am not positive, but I believe that there is a type of headache that causes this kind of symptoms. Once you know what you are dealing with then you can find a cure or management plan. Don't let your doc just dismiss you as having "headaches" there are MANY types that only a specialist would know about. My "Migraines" ended up being a chronic sinus infection and after 8 years of treating with various drugs, physical therapy, and heat/ice they are now gone post sinus surgery.Good Luck and God Speed
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  • Thank you to all who have replied with your help. I will definately take your suggestions to heart as I am desperate to find an answer. To answer the question about supplements no I have never taken any or stopped taking anything abruptly. I have not had a recent head injury, before the symptoms started. Only head injury I can think about is i split my eyebrow open in 1999. I do have a history of scholosis. However, I got hit in the eye ball with an indoor soccer ball and i know that didn't help at all. My eyeball is sore but thats all it seemed to do. I have seemed to have gotten worse. Saturday I was so sick that I could not do anything and i had the "worst headache ever" all day. I went to the charpractor yesterday but nothing seemed to change, I will mention an MRI to my Dr. But he has to get an authorization from my insurance. He put a request in for an nurologist but they denied it saying they needed more tests and information. I will mention the things you metioned to my Dr. I just want to feel good again and be able to play with my son without being so tired and feeling bad. Once again thank you and if you have any other ideas i would be greatful. It does seem to feel like it is more in my neck and back lately. Thank you all and God bless each and every one of you.
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  • PLEASE www.ahummingbirdsguide.com you have ME symptoms..look at symptoms page write down how many you have...you have several if not all listed here
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  • Could it possibly be related to Migraines?
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  • I also had a bout of headaches due to my neck being "straight" rather than curved like a C. (I did not know that the actual brain stem is literally "pulled down" when this happens as the above poster posted.) This was the chiro told me based on an x ray. I only went in for treatments of 2 weeks duration. I did not have all the symptoms you have in that instance, but the chiro helped. No meds helped. I am pretty sure this happened due to turning my head to one side for prolonged periods of time while sitting in a little car (house hunting with a realtor). This stress caused muscle tension in my neck/upper back, which in turn caused spasms, in turn causing a pull on my cervical vertebra. It is basically a vicious cycle. The more spasms the straigher the neck, the straighter the neck, the more spasms. See if it helps when you do this: Roll up a towel and place it behind your neck while lying down. Do not use a pillow, lay flat. ICE your neck. If you get some relief from that, then maybe you want to try the chiro. That was the home treatment he told me to do. Usually, I would hurt after the chiro appt., but then would feel improved the next day. I only had to go for 2 weeks..... Not saying this is the cause of all your problems, but if you feel pain in your neck/upper spine.....try it as a "rule out".
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  • Angel you are a 25 yr old single mother, correct?? Read this please I'm being tested for MEthere was an outbreak in the 80'sMy cousin, sister in law and her sister all having ME symptoms to various degrees My mother, my cousins mother and my sister in laws mother all have been diagnosed with FibromyalgiaI am a nurse...I asked my doc if Fibro could be a mild form of MEHe had no reason to rule it outMontel Williams just did a show on Tues regarding "SUDDEN SURGE"of Fibromyalgia in LosAngelesIn the 80's when the ME outbreak occurred, LA was hit the hardest Me, my cousin, sister in law and her sister all attended same high school in the 80'sour symptoms range from mild to severeAll of our mothers have FibrWaiting for a return call from my doc right nowI will be following up with my local health dept as wellI'm a nurse and it is my professional obligation to contact the correct facilities in this country to inform them that there is a possible epidemic/pandemicAnd to think...all I did was, get on this site to see if there might be one person in the whole worl who knows how I feelUnfortunately, I found hundreds...if not thousands...It won't be long before it's plastered all over the news in every form of mediaPlease look at info if you haven't already...I'm trying to help but some people think I'm spamming because I'm posting on so many threads...They just don't get it....the numbers are staggering...Be Well and Godspeed...mommy cat
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