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Some wierd symptoms, any help would be appreciated

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  • Posted By: DoubleBlinks
  • November 19, 2007
  • 06:05 PM


I have had some wierd symptoms going on for some time. I am not sure if they are related or unrelated. I have a DR's appointment coming up, but I feel like a hypcondriach when I bring up a list of symptoms. Some of them seeminly are harmless, but together I don't know? Anyway if anyone has any thoughts, advice, information, anything would be great. My appologies for the length:

Head aches - Frequent - MRI 2005 showed dejeneration, and pinching of the thecal sac (cervical spine). On and off numbness in pinkey and the next finger. Brain MRI - normal.

Electric like shock related to neck movement - I was told this was related to cervical discs. ALTHOUGH It started about 9 months after the MRI's were done. This has increased lately, it used to happen with neck movement, now it happens almost ALL the time when I walk up the stairs. Sometime I want to cry, it doesn't hurt, I just feel like I am not going to make it. Here is sort of what its like: If you tighten all of your head/facial and neck muscles, so that your head shakes rapidly, then rapidly blink your eyes.

Twitching of muscles, say the thigh muscle, it would twitch on and off all day long, for maybe 20 minutes at a time. Same muscle would twitch for about a week, just as I was getting ready to call the DR, it would stop. This happened about 3 times with the thigh muscle, a stomach muscle, and calf muscle.

June 06 I noticed that I do not see well out of the left eye in the peripheral fields, I can not see things in the very far left area. It has not gotten better, I don't know if its worse right now or not. I do notice, when I try to look at my left side of my face, I have a hard time seeing it clearly. So say when I am plucking eyebrows, it takes a lot of moving my face around to get a good look, does that make sense? This was investigated I did go to a neuro, and nothing came of it. They just said it could be a neuro problem that is in its very early stages. Most recently with my eyes, this is really hard to explain, but I am going to try. I was trying to fill out an application type thing, and I couldn't get the bubble filled in. It seemed like it was too small, I couldn't see it, and I couldn't get the pencil to stay in the lines. I thought maybe some magnification readers would help. I can read all of the lines in the brochure, in fact I have sitting on my desk right now, a font 5 document, and I can see it just fine. What I can NOT do is take a pencil and fill in say a "O", it all goes blurry, and I get the pencil in the right spot.

When I brush my teeth, on the one side my face turns numb when I brush those teeth. My face returns to normal when I am done. This has been going on for a while, but it's not everyday, I have forgotten to mention this to the DRs, in the past.

Jan 07 I had a CT scan of my brain, EMG in my arm, thyroid tested, and was tested for b-12 def. All neg.

May 07 - I have less stress in my life.

Profuse Underarm sweating - no deoderant or antipersperant would stop it. Before this, I rarely sweat. This went on for about a year (say June 06 -07), and stopped Jun 07. Back to normal.

June 07 I cut out extra sugar in my diet. I use sweet n low for coffee now, I used to use a lot of sugar in coffee. I also quit smoking. I am actually feeling good, with less stress, not smoking, etc.

July/Aug I started to drink less soda, now I drink about 40oz of water or propel a day, usually propel. Along with several cups of coffee in the AM.
I noticed about Aug/Sep timeframe that when I urinate, doesn't matter what time of day, if I forget to flush the toilet - several hours later the urine disappears. I have walked in an seen a concentrated settlement in the bottom of the bowl. I guess my urine is heavier then the toilet water? This doesn't matter if its light urine or darker urine, it still happens.

Twitcing - maybe 2 or 3 months now - I am now have several twitching muscles on and off throught out the day, every day. Say my bicept will twitch for 20 seconds, then an hour later my thigh for 20 seconds, and an hour later my calf... ect.

I think I got everything, hopefully I didn't miss anything.

Any info would be greatly apprecaited.

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