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  • Posted By: thunder92
  • May 6, 2007
  • 07:48 AM

I've had all kinds problems for 6 months now. Started with chronic stomach acid and swelling. Docs have tested everything and just take my money. I have had bad pain and numbness in my left chest and arm for a month now. Also have awake seizures every 2 wks or so where my whole body shakes and go's numb. Very scary. Heart is fine. Had a mri done of the neck and head and no tumors or anything. A chiro said maybe my medial nerve in my shoulder is being pinched in my back or neck. Wants xrays. He may just want my money too though. I'm skepical now.

neuro doc put me on skeletal, a muscle relaxer I guess. It has helped a lot actually. The pain and numbness is 75% less with it so far. He is only prescribing this until he has time for a nerve test. I seriously feel like electricity is running through my chest and arm at times. Also a buzzing above my stomach. I would pay someone big to figure this out! Thanks so much.

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  • Hey Thunder,Your nerve(s), as they said, may be the primarily underlying cause of all your problems. I have been through the same issues in the past, underwent a nerve block, etc. However, reading your other symptoms makes me wonder if you're not also suffering from a panic/anxiety disorder. Years ago, following some medical issues for which the medical community couldn't find an answer, I suddenly began having tremors and numbness which would begin in the upper body then eventually wound up with numbness all the way down my legs. After spending $1000s in testing (for heart problems, stroke, edoscopy, colonoscopy, etc), it was determined that I had begun suffering panic and anxiety attacks. At the same time I was suffering severe gastro-intestinal problems and wound up in the hospital for a week with dehydration and other minor complications. To this day, whenever my panic/anxiety attacks flare up, they still affect my GI system. It may be worth it to ask your doc to try a mild anti-anxiety, such as Atarax, to see if it helps alleviate some, if not all, of your symptoms. The role panic/anxiety/stress plays on your body is absolutely amazing...everything from chest pains, numbness, palpitations, rapid or pounding heart beat, GI problems, etc...the list goes on and on. Three other things that can greatly benefit you IF you think this may be the underlying cause are 2000-3000mg Vita C and a very good therapeutic multi-vitamin...of all I've tried, Bronson has benefited me the most; and the final resort is trying an SSRI such as Effexor or Zoloft. Although they're commonly prescribed for depression, they can work wonders on anxiety due to their mechanism of increasing/balancing the Dopamine and Serotonin levels being transmitted by the brain. It's the imbalance of these chemicals (or whatever they are??) that trigger anxiety, causing unexplained pains, numbness, fear of something bad being wrong with you, related GI problems, fatigue, and just an overall feeling of ill-health.Sorry this reply became so long, but I've been where you are and it scared me tremendously. When my symptoms began years ago I could have saved thousands and thousands of dollars if I had been aware, or someone had suggested the possibility to me, of anxiety/panic disorder perhaps being the underlying cause of my problems. I'd give some serious thought to this, esp if your nerve test proves to be negative, or if you require a nerve block and continue to experience unexplained issues. Food for thought...Lisa
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  • anyone on why the muscle relaxers are actually helping alot?? I've had some back pain but not crazy bad.
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  • Have you ever had whiplash due to an auto accident or otherwise? Sounds like you've undergone some sort of soft tissue damage that possibly effected your vetebral allignment, thus compromising your nerve functioning. Let me know, okay, perhaps we'll discover some insight into your situation and reverse and hopefully prevent further progression. Take good care and address it now by all means, Tingly
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  • No whiplash or anything. I have had a hernia operation a few years back. I often wonder if something is wrong with that. It never felt normal. But then again I don't think it should. Mayb scar tissue or broke. I just wonder why muscle relaxers help me. Hopefully the chiro can help. I just want to live a normal life with my new wife. Thanks for the advise.
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