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So much fear with no help.

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  • Posted By: TheodoreSummers
  • March 17, 2011
  • 05:02 PM

Hello,I am 21 y/o Male, about 6ft even and around 280 lbs and I would like to share some things going on with myself within the past week.

It started with an ingrown hair on the right side of my chin, the next day i had 3 swollen nodes under my jaw bone starting with the closest to my ear. The next day I had some minor chest pain in the right side, stemming from the front, and making it's way all the way to my back. The very next day the pain had spread to both sides of my chest and back, then followed very shortly by severe shortness of breath and swelling of the throat.

This brought on my first ER visit, to University of Louisville Hospital. After a chest xray, strep swab and blood tests, they diagnosed me with costochonditis and swelling of the lymph node with no infection and negative strep test. They gave me a shot in the bottom of some anti inflammatory and sent me home.

The very next day, i experienced some tingling in my left arm, and left side of my face. The shortness of breath had gotten worse so i immediately went to a different hospital, Norton Suburban, only because my trust was with them from a past visit for pneumonia. They held me over night after a EKG showed some irregular heart patterns. They gave me another chest xray, echo of my heart to test for fluids or inflation of the sack around my heart (both negative), mri of my neck (i think, they injected me with some dye first, and i assume it was normal due to no mention of it after.) Stress test with nuclear shots of my heart (came back normal) and numerous blood tests. Nothing seemed to be wrong so they sent me home with a script of Oxycodone 10mg for pain.

After about 3 days of ignoring the pain, numbness and throat swelling, everything seemed to get worst. The pain in my chest had gotten a bit better, but the pain in my neck and back became stronger, pain in lower back because worse, pressure headaches started, and the numbness and weakness continues. Sometime in the morning i was laying down, and all pain in the left side of my chest suddenly stopped. I was so happy, but then, just testing, i tried to move the muscle in my breast and could not. This lead to an anxiety attack.

Then came another ER visit to Suburban. They gave me a chest xray, said i was fine, then prescribed me Flexiril 10 mg (which up until now, being about 4 days after, isnt helping at all, but is putting me to sleep.)

The next day, the pressure headaches became much much worse, and a dent in my forehead had formed. As well all the pains seemed to be getting much worse all around, numbness more often than before, pain still constant, NO BREAK OF PAIN, there is always pain now somewhere. My left eye, which had the most pressure on it, suddenly becamse very blury for about 5 min, had very sharp pains in my ears and temples, spasms all over my chest, random breaths being taken away by what seems to be nothing, stomach pain and constapation,, which led to ANTOHER anxiety attack and another ER visit to Suburban.

This time, all he did was look in both ears, give me the standard test of push/pull, lift legs, eye dilation, and sent me home with a z pack antibiotic and said i had sinusitis.

All of these things have been hapening in the past week, and it seems that the Hospitals are tired of dealing with me. But constant pain, tingling in arms hips and legs, pain widespread everywhere, and constant sinus pressure, doesnt seem to constitute costro at all. The only thing is, no matter how hard i press for a Head MRI and more tests, they wont do it, and say I'm fine...this is scary, and I'm afraid that I will end up almost dead before someone will actually look at me. Not to mention me having no insurance and waiting 2 weeks on an appointment for a clinic nurse is just as scary.

I'm only 21, so it seems they assume nothing would be wrong with me, but i know there is, and am so scared. This was just a chance to vent, because I really need it :[

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