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So many untreated symptoms... enlarged liver, cerebral atrophy, acid reflux, etc.

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  • Posted By: meatloafpotatoe
  • December 28, 2007
  • 06:09 AM

For years I have gone up and down with whatever I have and have suffered from it since birth. When I was little I would not eat anything, accordingly my parents took me to the doctor and said that I had colic. All through my first 7 years my parents struggled to make me eat and all I remember was being hungry, but then seeing or smelling food and getting sick to my stomach. Once it got so bad that I was taken to the hospital, but was only given Zantac and sent home. I felt better for a little while but still was not a completly healthy child. I was soon diagnosed with acid reflux which must have been what the doctor said was "colic"; unfortunatly I still was sick. Then I went through a series of strep throats (having it 6 times in the span of a few months). Later I also had a series of sinus infections which the doctor treated with sinus sergury and fixed my deviated septum. While all of this is going on I had to constantly get my contact perscription changed and my eye doctor finally notices that my retinas show signs of pressure, but nothing is done. Soon I start having horrible headaches so bad that I couldn't get up out of bed. I was then diagnosed with migrains and put on an anti-depression medication to control them. But they persisted. Meanwhile, my stomach is still bothering me so I get an ultrasound of my abdomine and supposedly my liver is enlarged, but nothing is done. Next my doctor told me to go to the hospital downtown, because she booked me a room on the nuero floor so all the doctors could run as many tests as they needed for me. They notice a change in my brain from the last brain scan they did and said that I had cerebral atrophy, but once again nothing is done the doctor gives me a spinal tap aka lumbar puncture and sends me home. Now I am constantly tired and struggle to get up in the morning and have sinus problems again with headaches, even my stomach pains are continuing. What do I have? This is controling my life? Please help, I just want a complete answer!

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  • It is time to consider a more holistic approach to treating your illness. Since you have had eating problems since birth I am going to suggest you have a food intolerance, could be to proteins, or carbohydrates, or dairy, wheat. Look into Bioset of NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques) as these modalities can pinpoint exactly what you are having a problem with. Chronic allergies can lead to autoimmune dysfunction. Think about it - an allergic response is a hyperactive response that the brain sends to the immune/nervous systems. Repeated responses can lead to the brain misfiring. Please consider NAET, Bioset, acupuncture, naturopathy to help you. By all means continue with allopathic testing, but most allopathic treatments are just masking your symptoms. Get to the root cause. Read up on Enzyme therapy - a good quality systemic enzyme supplement may really help. Best wishesDOM
    acuann 3080 Replies
    • December 28, 2007
    • 06:56 PM
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  • Amen to the above post. All of the suggestions are excellent. Since you have had digestive problems for so long, your body in made out of poor parts due to poor digestion. That is probably why there are multiple problems. Treatment for "acid reflux" greatly decreases your body's ability to digest.Allergies / sensitivities do the same.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 29, 2007
    • 02:11 PM
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