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So many tests and all negative

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  • Posted By: snow1958
  • August 3, 2010
  • 00:36 AM

Starting Jan 2010 i had a sinus infection.The normal dose of Arythamycin (sp) didnt work. Had a severe room spinning episode and ended up in the ER. They put me on Vantin (i,m allegic to penicillin) It took the spinning away but not the infection..numerous Doc visits and ER trips later and numerous Antibiotics all of which i had a bad reaction to. I took 1 Avalox,1 Levaquin ,1 Biaxin .Finally saw the ENT doc and he said i had bilateral Sphenoid sinus disease..these darlings are way back in the skull very close to brain,Optic nerve and Carotic artery.I was told of the numerous things that could go wrong with this surgery but had no choice as Doc told me it wasnt going to clear on the right side.Gave me clyndamycin for left side..managed 5 days of that but it did clear the left side up.Gave me bad bowels though for awhile...horrible stuff. Not sure ive recovered from it.Always seem constipated now Had sinus surgery on the 3rd May and was given Prednisone afterwards..managed 3 days of the pack
While all this was going on i was tested positive for Menopause...Oh joy!.
So anways i now have some really wierd and bizzare things going on and have had all kinds of tests that come back negative
Tingling and burning in legs and random parts of body but mostly legs. Had EMG test done (painful) and nerves ok. Feeling of general illness. Like having the flu 24/7. Head feels aweful, whoozy, almost like my brain is dead and numb.Had 2 CT scans and all ok.Had an MRI today and waiting on that..i suspect it will be ok. Aching alot but it comes and goes..no energy.Had to quit my job that i loved (dog groomer).
Had tons of blood work done. Kidneys, liver, spleen, bladder etc all working. Not diabetic or Aneamic. I am border line low on b12 and tried to take the sublinguel tabs but within 30 minutes got severe burning sensation in legs and arms so now i,m terrified to take it again..That lasted about 30 mins. Not sure what to do about that now.My god..how can one be allergic to a Vitamin!!!
Chest Xrays good. EKG and stress test good.I actually spent the night on the cardica ward:(
Neurologist took 10 vials of blood and i suspect all was ok because that was 3 weeks ago and i havnt heard from him. Think some of those where for things like Lupas, Sjoerns(sp) etc. Am supposed to go back on the 23rd Aug for blood test to see if my B12 has come up but course it wont have because i cant take it. And why the heck am i all of a sudden low in B12??
Ive lost 20 something pounds and i,m small so cant afford to.i look aweful Cant eat til afternoon/evening for some reason
My skin has become super sensitive to touch. It also feels horrible..kinda like its de hydrating from the inside out..Its a really bad feeling..cant explain it.Just like i,m being sucked dry.
I cry alot but thats probably menopause and being so anxious over all of these symptoms. My Mum had a terrible Menopause but not sure this bad.I go between thinking its Meno and Anxiety or all the meds i took and the surgery and what happened.I,m really terrified.I google constantly which adds to my worry and stress becasue i now have every disease known to man and then some.Plus if i read a bad post from somebody i,m in panic mode. I have to learn not to google but its hard. Its consuming me and i,m getting obsessive.
My Doc gave me Zoloft because i guess he thinks im depressed and maybe doesnt know what else to do.. I,m not taking it..I refuse to take anymore pills. Being as i obsess over the fact that i think pills got me in this mess why would i take more??
Ive always been pretty healthy up to this year..just minor stuff going on..now i feel like i,m fading fast and wont be here at the end of the year.I,m reclusive,dont go out unless hubby is taking me to the Hospital for more tests.This just isnt me and i hate like. All i can say is if i,m such a healthy horse why do i feel like crap..and dont they shoot old ill horses. Please somebody shoot me:(
Oh and i also developed Tinntinus in my left ear around about March time and a lump in my throat that hasnt gone away..well feels like a lump i should say..which reminds me ive had numerous thyroid checks and thats good to..but i dont think they really do a good enough thyroid test if you ask me.
I,m really scared and dont know what else to do.

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