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so many symptoms, no answers. PLEASE HELP!

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  • Posted By: brittany123
  • June 10, 2007
  • 10:12 PM

i'me 16 years old, and for the past two months i've been experiencing such a wide variety of symptoms. its debilitaing and i want it to stop. i've been to 5 different doctors, a neurologist, a cardiologist, and a gynocologist, and they all say i'm fine but i know that i'm not.

-chromic, severe fatigue
-sharp intermittent pain in left side of chest
-heart/chest seems to be making noises like gurgling and popping
-severe heart "palpitations" i guess they would be? it happens right as i'm falling asleep. i get this weird sensation in my chest, almost like a shock of some sort, and i feel my heart jump and then my whole body ***k out of sleepiness. and my heart continues to beat very rapidly for several seconds following.
-sudden "floaters" in eyes. little black spots that move very fastly. at first i thought they were bugs flying around me!
-random sharp pains/dull aches throughout the head. they occur very quickly and happen all over. the top, the sides, the back. sometimes it feels like a shooting sharp pain. othertimes it just feels like an ache.
-feeling of pressure in back/bottom of head, near top of neck. not painful, just like something is pushing in my head.
-weakness in arms, sometimes whole body. i feel almost numb, and like i can barely walk around because my body feels so limp.
-numbness/tingling in legs
-pulsating in back of head. i have a very flat spot on the top back part of my head, and at random times i can feel it pulsate, almost like a heartbeat.
-constant terrible taste in mouth, somewhat metallic. sometimes tastes like blood, but mouth isn't bleeding
-extreme pressure in right ear
-bad smell in nose, only can be described as the smell of vomit
-horrible gagging upon waking up
-sharp pain under left rib-cage
-sharp pain/dull ache on both sides of neck
-terribly irregular menstrual cycle. went 6 months with no period. got it. then went 2 moths and stil haven't gotten it again.

a lot, i know. its all really bothersome and is effecting my life terribly. i've seen 5 doctors for these various symptoms, and they've all told me i'm fine. one even told me this was all due to anxiety, but i don't see that i have anything to be worried abotu in my life

loads of tests have been done. here are the results:

january-echocardiogram and an EKG-determined i had very mild Mitral Valve Prolapse.
february-spinal x-rays-determined to have 27 degree scoleosis
february-blood tests-came back normal
may-urinalysis-bladder infection
may-blood tests-slightly elevated pancreatic enzmyes
may-abdominal ct scan-came back normal
june-head ct scan-came back normal

i'm really tired of seeing doctors, but i'm also really tried of not feeling well. my family and friends think i'm a hypochondriac. I WANT TO BE BETTER,

any help would be appreciated, thank you so much.

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  • Consider Lyme Disease. Some symptoms include: stiff neckneck achesirregular heartbeatvisual disturbances (floaters?)severe fatiguelimb weaknessradiculitis (tingling)headache Good Luck!
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  • Have you had dental work done recently? If your dentist still uses amalgam fillings (silver), they contain mercury and some people have physical reactions to it. Mercury is NOT good for you! If you have mercury fillings, consider getting them removed and replaced with something else. Feel better! You're too young to feel badly!
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  • i do have all of those syptoms, but i don't have the rash associated with lyme disease. but i will keep it in consideration. thanks for the help.
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  • Brit, google "symptom checkers" enter as many symptoms as you cangoogle will take you where you need to be
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  • Brittany- Wow, your posting was such a relief to know that I am not the only one. I started getting chest pain around my left breast when I was 18 & I have been told by 5 or so doctors that it is costal chondritus. Well, after a year passed and still having chronic chest pain, I am feeling very hopeless also & resorting to have constant panic attacks over it. The one thing I found very surprising was I also had an echocardiogram and was also diagnosed with mild mitral valve proplapse about 6 months ago. I was so relieved to hear this because it felt like an aswer to my problems (keep in mind I was away at college with all this health issues) until they told me they dont do anything to treat it. I cannot relate to much of your other symptons beside constand palpations and always shortness of breath. I dont know about you, but as a result I dont go out much anymore, have gained a lot of weight, and am always anxious. I hate it too, no one understands and I just keep thinking, I am too young to already be having this much health issues. I go to the dr this friday & i am determined to get rid of this chest pain. Please respond, I would love to talk to you as it seems you relate with not only age, but also very similiar symptons. My email is litllcheer06@fuse.net. All the best, Lauren
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  • "-severe heart "palpitations" i guess they would be? it happens right as i'm falling asleep. i get this weird sensation in my chest, almost like a shock of some sort, and i feel my heart jump and then my whole body ***k out of sleepiness. and my heart continues to beat very rapidly for several seconds following."This is called a "sleep start" as in 'being startled out of sleep'. These aren't dangerous in and of themselves, and they may be a result of your anxiety over other symptoms.I have them frequently in association with uncued noctornal panic attacks. I wake up with racing heartbeat, palpitations, severe vertigo, extreme anxiety/fear, gasping, tightness in chest... the first time I had a panic attack, I thought I was dying or having a stroke. It was terrifying. When I got dx of "panic attacks" I thought doctor was crazy -- "panic attacks" couldn't be this bad, could they? Don't only crazy people have panic attacks? No, panic attacks feel like dying. People aren't kidding -- they are THAT bad. You might look into it if this sounds familiar.I got klonopin prescription, and used it for about 3 months at bedtime. By that time, I'd learned how to diffuse panic attack when it happens.
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  • I had pain under my left breast, in my rib cage area and it turned out to be a stomach ulcer. I later had pain in the middle of my chest and it turned out to be acid reflux. Have you had that checked out? If you have an acid problem, you want to get that under control ASAP. You can have acid reflux and not even know it. The eye floaters can be totally normal. I have them and my eye Dr. says they are just little jelly like pigmentations in your eye. If you are concerned about those, you would need to see an eye specialist.
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  • Lyme Disease does not cause a rash for everyone. You can get a tick bite and have few symptoms until it turns to secondary or late stage lyme. Antibodies would show up in a blood test if you had second or late stage lyme. I had late stage symptoms & antibodies, however my symptoms were much different than yours, but there were many. Fatigue, burning in muscles, abdomen, and joints, dizziness, etc. IV antibiotic was the treatment. It isn't necessarily Lyme that you have, but it is easily tested for and you can get it without ever having a rash. Some people don't develop a rash.As for the feeling in your chest that is shock like. I get those as I am falling asleep. They are very uncomfortable. I get them less often when I am on an antidepressant. I am not on medication now and they happen almost every night.
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  • hyPO-parathyroidism, hashimoto's, ?floaters are debris in the vitreous of the eye. (the fluid part). Sudden onset of floaters indicates a possible retinal tear. See an eye doctor.
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