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  • Posted By: springday
  • January 23, 2008
  • 04:44 AM

I will start from the beginning and yes this is all very true, I think if i dont find any answers i may loose my mind. Im at the point that i dont care what i have as long as some one will tell me that its not in my head.

A year and a half ago i ruptured my L4/L5 disc. Not bad but was pushing on to my internal nerves down my right leg. Pain comes and goes. Doctor said let it heal on its own.

Around beguing of last year i had chest pains was taken to the doc and she did heart/chest work and blood work. I was positive for d-dimer test was rushed to hospital and all other scans work done came back i was healthy, no deep vein thrombos in legs either!

Last year 2007 about mid year i started feeling funny, pain in my stomach toward the left side down low. Doctor said it was gastro. I was not vomiting but feeling nausa, i also was experiencing blood in my poo and it was painful to go, quite constipated. About a month later symptoms had left after about a week but reappeared, same symptoms.
It then left after about a week or two.

November of 2007 i started thinking i should write down symptoms. First of the month i was bending at work and stepped on my left leg and it was like the leg wasnt there ( this has happened before a few times) it was only for a spilt second but then when i stepped pain was all through my left hip and lower back VERRY PAINFul!! I went to doc and they said nothing was wrong. I had MRI and it said i was in perfect health. I had cat scan and it then said i had two hearnated discs above and below my L4/L5 which was still prolapsed on my internal nerves everyone said no cause for pain in left side...grrrr

In November other things started to happen, period was 4 days early, slight feeling of fever, aching joints and body, and tummy pain and pooing problem, oh and now every now and then leaking urine..not alot but enough to know. I also ended up with Two weeks of cold sores. YUK.

In December i had two bouts of what doctors have said was Gastro and that is supposedly why i also had a kidney infection and urinary track infection. (caused by gastro - because now i didnt have constipation and bleeding from my **m but diahorreha) I now also had a period 12 days late. I was not pregnant. My new year was spent with head and **m racing for the toilet and a puking and diahorreha contest.

I have now seen specialists for my back who said my blood work is normal but my ESR rate is at 30. A Bone scan said i have uptake in my left leg (shin bone) but no one knows why. Doc is referring me to a nerologist. Every doc i have seen has said im fine and blood work is fine. I know my body better than any doctor i KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG!

I had healed quite a bit from the shocking pain of the discs but now have a new prob. I have aching hips and lower back and legs that ache down to the bone! Loss of feeling in my left foot/toes and my physio says the refelx of my left ankle is gone. I also have freezing feet. Its like my feet are in a bucket of ice water i get hotpacks and wrap them around my feet. Nausa has subsided to only in the evenings but I now have lost feeling of when i poo. I cant seem to push( not the stomach but **m muscles arent working!) I usually have headaches after 2pm and i am so tired i could curl up and sleep on the floor...but at night im waking at least every hour. I have now had a breast exam and they have found a lump in my armpit the size of a large marble. (tests pending)

And last but not least my eyesight has changed from 2 years ago being perfect eyesight to needing glasses ( off to get them tomorrow)

Any help or suggestions would be listened to I am at a lost and very frustrated.


29yrs old
history of thyrod prob but not anymore, lumps removed from breast before but not cancer. Family history of Diabetes but have been checked.
Not overweight, i eat fairly healthy and do still get around though energy is gone.
Family history of :
Breast cancer
bowel cancer
Lung Cancer
Back problems

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  • I know this is probably not going to be very specific but I always watch the shows on TLC health and any other channel that have unusual illness diagnosis'. Last week I watched one and some of the symptoms were similar to yours. The woman was a nurse and had seen several doctors for years before finally being diagnosed. All I can remember is that she had never had a brain CT (or MRI, can't remember which) with contrast, only without. As soon as she had this done, it was discovered that she had a tumor that was not malignant somewhere in her brain. There was a name for it but I can't remember. It is supposedly very rare and there is a doctor in North Carolina or Arizon (can't remember) that specializes in the disorder and also does the surgery. She flew there, had the surgery and every symptom she had was gone afterwards. Sorry I am so vague but I just can't remember specifics. I'll try to look on the internet to see if I can find it. I'll let you know.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 24, 2008
    • 00:15 AM
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  • Hi, I look on Discovery Health Channel's website under mystery diagnosis but I do not see the episode I described. I'll keep looking on other sites. While I was there, I was reading about MS. Have you doctor's looked into this as a possibility? I have a good friend that has this and it took her years to finally be diagnosed. Just a thought. I'll keep looking. Good luck
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 24, 2008
    • 00:40 AM
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  • I'm sorry you are going through such a frustrating experience.This may not apply to you, as it would only explain some, but not all of your symptoms, but I had some of your symptoms and was diagnosed with a rare complication of autoimmune thyroiditis after 8 years of searching. It's called Hashimoto's Encephalopathy, and my thyroid hormone levels were normal the whole time- it was only discovered when my 8th neurologist checked my thyroid antibodies, which are typically not checked unless the hormones are off. For eight years, I was told that my thyroid was okay, but after I got diagnsoed, I had an ultrasound and CT scan of my gland and it was full of tiny nodules!I had some symptoms of hypothyroidism. In you, this could be constipation (perhaps causing hemorrhoids?), menorrhagia, cold feet, susceptibility to compression neuropathies, and fatigue.And then there's the encephalopathy symptoms, which can be quite varied from patient to patient. In me, it was a profound fatigue and weakness, almost daily migraine-like headaches, somnolence/sleepiness during the day but insomnia at night, and ataxia. Everyone's different, though.Some patients also have elevated ESRs, but ESR is rather non-specific and just means there's something inflammatory going on somewhere in your body. So it may not be your brain and thyroid that are inflamed, but something in you is! And it is up to your doctors to figure out which organ or organs are sick.So, I can't really explain your other symptoms, so this may not be what you have. Given your family history of thyroid disease, however, it might be worth looking into if nothing else pans out. The treatment is steroids and levoxyl.Oh- and by the way, numerous doctors told me my symptoms were psychosomatic. Please do not listen to doctors who do that to you. It is a waste of your time (and money) and if you are sensitive like me, it will only make you feel sicker to hear that!
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    • January 24, 2008
    • 04:32 AM
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