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  • Posted By: JSant14
  • January 13, 2009
  • 10:24 AM

As i child was was beyond active. a sport with the 3 seasons at school along with soccer year around and 7 different kinds of dance.
after this much, end of 8th grade i began having reaccuring head aches, sensitivity to light, and depression.
By my freshman year, i also developed anxiety, was finally diagnosed with ocd and adhd. i started getting sharp shooting pains in my hands. pains in the joints of my fingers and metacarpals. along with fatigue. Each night i struggled to sleep, and never felt rested enough even if i did get to sleep early.
i was then wrongly diagnosed with juvenial rheumatoid athritis and fibromyalgia.
sophomore year I started having all over muscle aches and pains, even spasms. i have joint pain randomly, and in random places. I am unable to even move out of bed some mornings. along with that i delt with irredgular periods, and severe pain during menstration.
i never fuller recoved from a replacement surgery of my acl. even physical therapy couldnt strengthen my knee. 4 years later and tmy knee still gives out randomly. i was later diagnosed with TMJ. my jaw cracks and pops constantly and sometimes locks. i have insuffiencies with my eight. i gained a lot my sophomore year...later lost it.then just reciently randomy a lot of weight loss.
i have bad circulation, i seem to have some kind of digestive issues lately. i have a loss of appitite some days. cramps and pains in my lower abdomin. bowl problems, and even some blood on the toilet paper.

its so much to del with and i cant seem to find anwers. i feel as though my doctors have given up on trying to help me find out whats wrong and blame it on psychological problems. and i must say, i get some pain, but the intense pain and aches i feel some days and even weeks are too extreme and there is too much going on that does not seem right or normal. i know there is and underlying issue or condition...i just want help finding out what it is....

if anyone can help...id appreciate it

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  • As i child was was beyond active. a sport with the 3 seasons at school along with soccer year around and 7 different kinds of dance. Interestingly I guessed what your other symptoms were going to be on just reading the quote above. I suspect you have actually have CFIDS (chronic fatigue immunity dysfunction syndrome). CFIDS seems to be in most triggered by something eg surgery, a virus, vaccination etc.. or seems to happen in those who are extremely active kind of peoples, people who often actually also tend to push themselves a lot often pushing past ones own body limits, (this is my own observation of CFIDS due to my association with hundreds with this illness over the past 12 yrs and many others have observed this too). So as soon as you said about your activity levels in past, i immediately was thinking of CFIDS. CFIDS and fibromyalgia are overlapping disorders and often most with CFIDS (50-75%) do have fibromyaliga type of symptoms or both of these disorders. TMJ is also a disorder which commonly occurs in CFIDS (so another coexisting disorder to it). CFIDS will affect the whole body. http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html Studies are now showing the CFIDS is a mitochronidal illness (that is why the whole body may be effected). Studies have shown that 75% (but it could be as high as 95%) of ones with CFIDS have antiphosphidlipid syndrome (hughes syndrome), this will cause poor circulation. http://www.hughes-syndrome.org/symptoms.htm . CFIDS patients often have low blood volume too (you may find you have a low BP.. the low blood volume is usually why), this too will cause circulation issues Another common disorder which is even more common in CFIDS patients which i think you may have is polycystic ovulation syndrome. This i think may be the cause of your weight issues (CFIDS too can cause weight gain and loss. PCOS causes irregular periods and may cause infertility. Ones with PCOS (or even just CFIDS alone) get bad period pain. First you need to get the coexisting disorders diagnosed and treated.. eg the PCOS ruled out or in via hormonal blood tests and an ultrasound... and then I suggest for you to go and see a CFIDS specialist (any doctor or specialist who sees a lot of CFIDS patients).http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYsunsgZxNk&feature=related (mystery diagnoses eposide on PCOS this is the first part of 3 parts) The bowel issues are probably irritable bowel syndrome. Most with CFIDS have this. Anxiety is also a common CFIDS issue. Get the symptoms treated eg IBS, PCOS etc and then find a CFIDS specialists to see if this is your issue. A CFIDS specialist will be able to further treat you not just based on your symptoms but based on the latest CFIDS research on the illness itself.
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