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So Frustrated.. Please Help!!

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  • Posted By: kmagna87
  • May 2, 2009
  • 07:26 PM

I am a 40 year old female. I started having alot of problems with fatique about 3-4 years ago. After a spinal surgery for scoliosis in 2005 I started to experience extreme fatique, I felt like alll I wanted to do was just sleep all day. Shortly after I started to experience weight gain and a disconnection for all the things I used to love to do. I started to notice my eyes and face were getting swollen and swollen lymph nodes under my neck would contatntly stay swollen. A chronic sinus problem started with constant sinus drainage down the back of my throat that anti-biotics wont make go away. More symptoms have popped up since including, swollen hands, stiff joints and pain in anles, knees, elbows, and wrists, headaches, High Bloood Pressure, and problems sleeping and moving my bowels, confusion, disoriontation and memory loss, muscle weakness in both legs & chills and sweats with no fever.

I have been to every Doctor & E.R. and everybody says the same thing.. "All your blood work is normal" we do not know what is wrong. This is so frustrating.

I have been told this is depression and put on several differnt anti-deppresants with no change. Blood Pressure medications seem to make me more fatiqued. Allery meds with no change. You name it and I have probaby tried a different medication for every symptom. My thyroid tests all came back fine. I have been to many different type of Doctors that have no answers and I am starting to lose all faith in the medical world.

I have gone from a woman who cared about her looks and was pretty active doing Interior Decorating and Volunteer Work at a local animal shelter to a woman who stays home all day every day in bed with barely enough energy to take a shower.

If anybody has experienced any of these symptoms and has found a diagnosis please give me some input and point me in the direction of a doctor who might be able to help me. Thanks.

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  • get off the sucralose, splenda and aspartame- found in diet sodaseverything really, even in gum and children's vitamins : \read labels and do not eat this stuff anymore it is poison and it sounds like you have most of the symptomsread about them on the internet check the symptoms for each one- disregard the Industry(company who made the product) advertisements on different sites that tell you they are safe - there are enough testimonials and people who will tell you on facebook groupsyoutubeand google that they were harmed by them and know because they were where you are and stopped eating them and now are better.Trial and error, they learned what was causing them these problems- now you know too!
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