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So frustrated and am desperate!

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  • Posted By: sweetsusan59
  • July 8, 2010
  • 03:29 AM

Almost a year ago,my stomach was so distended,couldn't even wear normal clothes. Went to a gastro dr,and he did various test,and went on months,and just left me hanging,with no diagnoses. Went into a brief remission,and now,I have been so sick for months. My symptoms are back with a vengence,and am seeing a surgeon. Don't ask me why,just was recomended. My symptoms are bloating,sharp,brief pains in right groin area,intense burning,in uterus,extreme fatique,tailbone pain,low abdominal pressure in vagina and anus. Had a ct of abdomen and pelvis(negative),colonoscopy(some polyps and diverticuli),bloodwork. Now,he wants to do some kind of hormone ,saliva test. Another dr. told me I was depressed. How can I not be depressed when I am so sick,I have no quality of life,and feel as if I WILL go crazy,if i can't find out what is wrong. Please,please help......Tired of living like this,and am desperate to feel good againI am a 59 year old woman. Thanks for responding.

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  • u may have developed celiac over the years which is a wheat and gluton allergy. for years i felt really sick and my stomach swelled like a ballon. if your constantly eateng wheat, wheat flour, which is in 90% of everything nowdays then u constantly stay bloated. constant pressure from bloating can cause severe stomach pressures and pains, even gas.sometimes i would even get puffy swollen fingers, eye lids, cheeks, puffy lips,tounge, throat. do some research on celiac and try the diet for 2 weeks, and see if your body will unbloat itself and the pains subside. it wont hurt, what else u got to lose. no grains, no pasta!! stay away from boxed foods, there is hidden wheat in all of it, even if its not clearly listed. cut out fast food, you dont know whats in it. soy sauce has uber high levels of wheat protien, stay away from it. i dont eat packaged processed foods. my main diet consist of fresh fruits and vedgitables. rice is a great substtute for pasta! and rice is preatty much the only grain safe for celiac. corn flour safe too. ie corn chips.potatoes safe.organic eggs, organic meat, organic fish, and organic dairy all safe. it will take a few days to a few weeks of proper eating (and no cheating) to see the swelling go down. if you find that you are a celiac and allergic to wheat, be sure to check all your hair products, sprays, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions for the ingridient wheat protien!! wheat affects people inside and outside there bodys! invest in a $15.00 herbal cleanse product you can buy at a health food store to clear out some of the junk in you. i eat a couple throughout the day with meals and before bed. also i am betting your ph ballance is out of wack and the starchy foods you have been eating this whole time convert in your body to simple sugars which yeast/candidia feed off of causing not only vaginal issues but yeast overgrowth throughout your entire intestinal tract.simple fix for this is to buy yourself a good probiotic to keep this issue in check!! the one i use is called multidophilus12. it has 12 different strains of live enzymes! i lived with my condition for 9 years and not one doctor could ever tell me what was wrong. i heard them tell me i was a hypochondriac, or to take an asprin and go home and i would be fine, or thats the way god made me a doctor said to me the GI specialist with no awnswers.
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  • I appreciate your reply to my illness. I was tested for celiac in the lab and it showed negative. I have tried a gluten free diet,also tried lactose free diet. Didn't seem to change anything. I think you are right with the yeast overgrowth. Have always had trouble taking antibiotics,causing yeast infections. Where did you mget the probiotic? My medical bills are ridiculous,so am going broke,with desperation to feel well. I have been doing alot of research,hoping I can find a possible answer. I have had 4 csections,an ovarian cyst removed,appendectomy,and shunt tubing in my abdomen. I suspect my illness,has many factors,and quite possibly have adhesions from surgery. I get sharp.stabbing pains,at various spots in my abdomen,that almost double me over. I am hoping the surgeon will do a laproscopy,to look into my abdomen. I am so tired and worn out,and feel so angry that this has gone on so long. Is there really any decent dr's out there or are they too busy,and wanting money,to really care,or be thourough. Please help. Thanks!
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  • this is going to sound silly...... now with more information about whats going on, it seems obvious you may have an infection somewhere in your body; vaginal and obdominal region? the longer infections remain in the body, they can spread and damage other parts (this is especially true with STD infections) i know you said your low on funds but these little clinnics that specilize in womans health will take you for free on a donation level, even if you leave them $2. its called Planned Parrenthood. i go there once a year for my yearly exam. it is true that some woman can carry around STDs and UTI for long bouts of time and not have any symptoms, but may get them latter on once the infection worsons or spreads attacking your ovaries. these can all be treated with special antibiotics.... permanant dammage and scaring are a result if left untreated. you should go and check this out as a process of elimination. when was the last time you got your "yearly vag exam" ? if its been years then you should probably go anways because it is a very important part of taking care of your body. they even do a cancer sreening :) for a small donation YOU CANT BEAT IT! really i think you should start here before going down the "do i need surgury" road.if you do have something vag disease wise take the meds as directed. when your done you can start on contrling your yeast/candidia. you are going to have to order these online and have them shipped to your house the first one is called candidase by enzymedica,it is just high doses of 2 spacific enzyes. this is around $50 but hopefully cheaper online.... you will only need one bottle of this. take in conjunction with multidophilus12 by solaray, these are high doses of probiotics 12 strains of living organisms found throughout our intestinal tract and utiris. these are so very extreamly important!! these little guys are responsible for balancing out your vaginial pH. i feel so much better on these it makes a big difference! i am at the maitnance dose so i only take one pill a day for the rest of my life. bottle cost about $30 but hopefully cheaper online. make sure to keep this bottle in the refridgerator!!! they are living organisms. once you feel beter you should be taking one pill a day everyday for the rest of your life. in my case, antibiotics screwed me up so i really need to take these. please do go to the clinic tho and get your yearly exam with free cancer testing and std testing. please let me know if you go and this helps.
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  • You are a very nice person,for caring. I appreciate all the info. I do take care of myself,and have had a yearly exam. Also,have been celibate for quite some time(like 10 years) so is there still a possibilty of STD? My x was unfaithful,but you wouldn't think i could have one for 10 years. I have been doing alot of research,and honestly think the diagnoses of intersitial cystitis is what is going on. also,think I have pelvic floor dysfunction. It affects the nerves and can produce alot of pain. I am going to try and find a good urologist,and take it from there. I wish I could find out if there was infection,as I am totally miserable. I feel as if my insides are being eaten up by infection or the intersitial cystitis. I am not giving up. I so want to be able to enjoy my life again. I am going to look into bying the products you suggested. Thanks again. Take care.
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