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So f'ing sick of being told nothing is wrong!!!

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  • Posted By: djfitt
  • August 28, 2009
  • 04:28 PM

This all start back at the beginning of May. If you'd like a full synopsis of what happened earlier on in this chain of events with all of the short termed symptoms I experienced; please look at an earlier post I made which can be found here:

I've been to the dr. three times as well as the dentist twice since this all started. I'm paying out of pocket so this is even more frustrating when they send me home with a $300-500 dollar bill and tell me nothing is wrong. This all slammed down on me after I stopped smoking marijuana. I originally thought I was just withdrawing. But now I am experiencing some things that have been happening prior to all of the issues that were considered withdrawals even. I have a fully clean medical history so this is very very scary to me. I'm only 23 I shouldn't have to go through this right now:(

These days there are only a few things concerning me. #1 - My teeth/gums. I went into the dentist to try and find an explanation for the recession I was experiencing in my mouth. It's still not bad but from where I was months ago there has been a LOT of tissue loss. I've always had perfect teeth and gums and until I went into the dentist last never had a cavity. This time I go in and I have 10!!! cavities! She said they were freshly formed. When I noticed the other week they were STILL receding despite brushing directly after every meal as well as using a waterpik to floss I went back in. She gave me this speech about anxiety and said they were better than her own gums. I really should have brought a recent picture to show her just how much they had receded. My gums/teeth are frequently sensitive and sometimes sore these days but nothing painful.

#2 - Nuero symptoms. Constant twitching in both arms, neck, lower torso, and legs. It's worst when I'm laying down but it is never fully stopping. It's not painful but it is uncomfortable and makes me think something bigger is wrong. This has been stepping up in duration and severity for months (even prior to the big circle of stuff that happened when I quit smoking). Until recently though it was very very sporadic. No amount of sleep I get is leaving me with any energy when I wake up. I also feel a full body soreness that feels like I ran 5 miles the night before. Especially in my joints of the elbows/shoulders/knees. I feel perfectly healthy mentally. There are also times when I will get up after sitting down on the floor or in a chair where I have a dizzy spell for a few seconds before coming back to normal. I usually just close my eyes for a few seconds and allow it to pass. I have several cysts on my scalp that have appeared within the last year as well as 15-20 tiny red dots. 4 of them are bigger and slightly raised and the rest you can barely even see and are flat and blanch when you push on them. Also my stomach is growling very hard probably 90% of the day. Again it's not painful to me, but very uncomfortable. On top of this my stools have been very very strange. Does this sound like a malabsorbtion issue? The stools frequently are stringy and although I'm not having diarrhea I am having all different types of colors. Also because of all of this making no sense I decided to start smoking temporarily to see if it curbed the symptoms or changed things in any way. I can't even get high anymore. So there is definitely something going on in the brain. I smoked a small amount for a week and then quit again. This time; having the REGULAR withdrawals I am used to; insomnia, anxious, tense. They all went away after two days like the usually do.

Preceding all of this I went to Arizona for spring break this year and got the worst flu i've ever had. Could it be somewhat related to all of this?
The first dr I saw scared me when he brought up auto immune diseases because of the wide variety of symptoms!

Let me know if you need to know anything else I can't afford to go back into the dr right now and it's so demoralizing when they sit there and tell you nothing is wrong.

I will be eternally grateful if some of you can help me to figure out what this is and help me to fix it!


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