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smoking related blood disorder?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 15, 2010
  • 07:20 PM

I have been smoking practically all my life. I have had no problems with smoking. I never have then, nor do I now, smoke more than a pack a day. now I am in my 40's, and for almost 2 years I have had these symptoms that appear related to smoking, but may be symptomatic of a deeper problem than merely the effects of smoking, since they are substantial and exhibited a rapid onset.

when I smoke cigarettes now, I have very low energy and it puts me to sleep. I sleep for maybe 2 hours, wake for 4-6 hours, during which I am smoking more cigarettes and feel like going to sleep again. keep repeating.

I have dark areas on my cheeks, my fingers are dark shaded from the distal joint to the tip, my toes are blue. looking at my exposed thigh, the sides (skin surface viewed tangentially) have a blue hue to them. since I had this problem the hair on my face and head is turning white. it may be my imagination, but I think the skin all around my face has turned a sickly brown color, except around my mouth which is normal to reddish. I feel like I'm in a daze at times.

but most significantly are the things I feel in my bones. the more I smoke, I progressively feel "lackluster" inside my bones, a feeling which is difficult to describe. it feels "dead", or if you could imagine what oxygen starvation inside a bone could feel like. I feel it in the bones of my arm, forearm, hand, even fingertips, which have a "pinched" feeling and sort of hurt. also the corresponding bones in my toes have the same feeling.

in the thigh bones where I suppose an artery goes into the bone, it can have a stinging feeling; after enduring that for some months, that symptom disappeared and relocated to the upper arm bones, as if some necessary function was drained/worn/broken and relocated to the next largest bones. it can feel almost like a needle sticking in the bone and the artery feels swollen. lasts for a short time, when I smoke another cigarette it can repeat.

recently I scratched off a scab from my calf (3/16") it bled profusely, as scabs do sometimes. the blood that came out appeared black immediately upon exposure to air, only red on a small margin around the edges. it was a well-lit store so I'm sure of that. examining it under the strong fluorescent light, it looked a little watery to me, due to what the light reflection looked like. I could have been wrong about that. the blood on the paper towel was red.

I stopped smoking completely a few times, and here's what happened each time:

the first cigarette I smoke, it feels like something flushes through my veins. like immediately the blood has become more difficult to become oxygenated, I guess. within a day the bones return to normal feeling and energy increases to what I think used to be normal. the pinched feeling in the fingertips and toetips goes away, and within 2-3 days I get a greatly refreshed feeling in my thigh bones, as if the marrow is producing loads of fresh healthy blood cells. once I felt so vigorous I felt like I had to run around the block several times to burn off the excess energy. I had an incredible urge to run and jump and do active things. by this time the toes may have returned to their normal color.

but then I feel so good I think there's no problem returning to smoking. with the first cigarette I start to feel lethargic again, and after half a pack I'm back to the previous state. so I think the effects are cumulative (rapidly) but whatever normal health function would have prevented the symptoms in the years before, has little to no resistance now.

I have tried taking vitamins and eating fresh fruits, no change.

so what is this lack of resistance to the ill effects? some kind of bone marrow disease? leukemia? anemia? has something been damaged? liver dysfunction or cirrhosis? when I wake up from sleeping on my right side, it does seem like my liver feels tender and a little sore.

aside from smoking, one possibility I can think of was where I worked at, with some chemicals, there was a strong hydroxide solution that would drip on my skin occasionally, and although I washed it off, hours later I could go home and have these awful painful feelings from head to toe where my bones hurt and my skin felt like it was crawling, sometimes I would definitely get nauseous. that happened numerous times over several months before I figured out the correlation between getting that on my skin and those symptoms, I was more careful and didn't allow it to drip on my skin anymore, and so that didn't happen anymore. also every day there were glass bottles from a protein analysis that had Kjeldahl reactant, sulfuric acid, hydroxide, and boric acid inside them, which I washed inside and out with my bare hands. and I figured it should be ok to wash them with my bare hands because there was plenty of fresh water flowing all around everything. as far as I could tell doing that made no effect on my health at the time, but, that could be long term low level exposure to a toxin to consider regarding the current symptoms. I haven't worked there for 2-1/2 years. when I was there it seemed that in the last year I had developed (self diagnosed) orthostatic hypotension, which I had attributed to smoking, but I don't seem to have now.

or, for a time I was infatuated with hot sauce. I would put as much hot sauce as I could stand on everything I ate. I did experience the "something flushing through my veins" as described above, but I forgot if it was only associated with the hot sauce or perhaps because I had smoked a cigarette. I didn't have the problem at the time, but maybe that was a precursor. I did read how excessive hot sauce consumption might cause kidney/liver damage, which doctors were unaware of until the recent fads with hot sauces.

I need to know because even if I quit smoking it could show an underlying problem that may affect my health later on, or even shorten my lifespan. I went to an inept doctor who simply told me that "smoking will do that to you" but that was insufficient and nondescript. I need to know the underlying cause because it may be more than just smoking, and I need to know what the implications are of whatever has happened.

so what might be the problem? what has happened that my body suddenly can't handle smoking cigarettes any more? disease? cancer? damaged bone marrow? transient or permanent? nutritional deficiency, such as iron or magnesium causing a blood deficiency?

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  • Excuse me, but the solution sounds SIMPLE: STOP SMOKING. When you smoke you court cadmium poisoning, which maybe you should research to see if that is what is causing your problems. If you search the web you will find there are supplements which can help you stop smoking. I read omega 3's can help. I would suspect niacin/niacinamide might help for this reason: niacin is really nicotinic acid (and there is some similarity to nicotine in tobacco smoke). Research a bit -- it's your life.
    madanthony 1087 Replies
    • August 17, 2010
    • 00:40 AM
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  • why should I listen to anything you said when you didn't even read the post?
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • August 17, 2010
    • 02:58 AM
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