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Smelling like feces.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 22, 2010
  • 10:21 PM

I am 16 years old and i've had this problem for about a year now. I was very cool and popular by kids in my school. Around January of that time, i began to notice people holding their noses around me. I thought their noses just itched. Then i began to hear people say...'that kid smells like feces'. I was like no way and was paranoid about it for like 4 weeks. After it was confirmed to me that i really do stink by my friends, I had to transfer shools just to get away from it. It followed me to the other school, where a bunch of kids planned to jump me because of it. I shower everyday, i eat meat and turkey, i use degree deodorant and cologne, sometimes i sweat alot (even after i use deodorant), i wipe well and i hold in my ****s because, well... that's embarrassing to do in public. Can somene please help me! i don't want my entire high school years to be a mess. I'm so insecure and i think everyone laughs at me behind my back.

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  • I just saw a news program related to a syndrom which I think is called TMA. If is something that just hit the medical books. Ask your doctor or google TMA or body ordor on the web. I am sure it will come up. They said that diet has everything to do with it so avoid all fish... you'll have to check with you doc for the other things. Sixteen is a terrible age to have such a disorder. It is not something you can control. Good luck and hang in there.
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  • Hi, I understand your problem, and how it will affect you afterwards.Try being logical about it. Is the souce of the odour 1 place or more ?When is it worst ?Does it change ?It is not unusual to not be able to "smell your own smell", but one thing can be to keep an item away from you for perhaps 48 hours and also in a bag, then when you open the bag you may be able to "smell the smell".A lot of smell problems are simple to cure or compensate for.The cause may be that it is your body chemistry as you grow.Most probably it is a hassle caused by 3 to 5 simple minor problems that if you only had 1 or 2 you would never really know about them.What goes in does relate to what comes out ! So a good balanced diet may well help, and I do mean balanced ! Vegatables and fruit should be probably 60% or more of your diet.I suspect there is nothing major wrong with you, but there are so many illness' out there, use your intellegence.As I said previously, the hassle is most probably caused by 3 to 5 simple minor problems that have all come together to gie you the hassle.I know that asking you to be logical about it and try to work out what it might be is hard, but be practical and logical and you should come up with the answer.Keep a log of what happens and also a list of things to follow up.Just as a "spark", how many animals use toilet paper ?Humans are animals.The better your diet the less toilet paper you need.The smell might come after walking for a while.Do you see how being simple and methodical can result in answers.Good luck, I know it will take you a few weeks to get a full answer, because it will take you a few days for each monitoring action.Terry
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  • Hi, by the way, I should have said -I think your condition is treatable by yourself when you find the causes, but do not be ashamed (or slow) to see a Doctor if you think there is something more.As I said, most probably it is a few simple things that have just come together and given you the problem, and if you only had 2 of them you or anyone else would be none the wiser (i.e. no one would be complaining about any smell).ALSO -You do not need to be ashamed of your condition.You have a genuine medical problem.I strongly doubt that it is going to be anything like cancer.Equally if you have a Cold or wear glasses, they are medical conditions that deserve the relavent respect.If you were missing an index finger, it is a medical problem and would require due respect. You do have a medical condition (there will be a fancy name for it, but do not both, just get the problem sorted).If some one picks on you, look them in the eyes and tell them you have a medical problem which is being sorted out.You could (with caution, because it depends on their personality), offer that they change places with you and suffer all the abuse for something that is not your fault.Abuse is a valid word, you could also call it bullying, but at the end of the day it is not pleasant and should not happen, but then there is nothing in this world that is perfect.Also none of us are perfect, but we do learn things as we go along, and hopefully become better people.Good luck and I wish you a quick and speedy resultTerryP.S. Look after your identity, I am very causious about what I let out, although I leave my first name, I do not leave anything else can easily be collated by bad people.Also have a look at pages on this web page e.g. symptoms and diagnosis, Remember, use intellegence, you might have something requiring proper medical treatment (tablets & etc.) but most probably the cause is simple (and also the cure).
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  • Try changing your diet,eat more vegetables,fruits and seeds and do not eat meat more than 1 TIME/WEEK
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  • Try changing your diet,eat more vegetables,fruits and seeds and do not eat meat more than 1 TIME/WEEKHi and I apologise for the delay in replying (everything seems to be going wrong and taking so long to sort out).I do understand what you are going through. The fish smell is nothing to do with your problem - for a start, you do not smell of fish :)ALSO I am sure the smell comes from the Rectum (not from bodily glands, i.e. arm pits, neck, etc.), so that reduces the sources of the problem. If the smell comes from a "gland" then you need to see a Doctor to sort your problem !I suspect diet is not a major part of your problem, but "intellegent & sensible" is better than a "fad diet", but I suspect that with a "normal good diet". (Think about school meals as a basis for proportions. 3 or 4 different veg' and 1 or 2 fuit per day is a good basis. Also a "normal" amount of fiber - no need for higher doses, just make sure you are getting enough.)One simple and reliable test for "quality of diet" is when you pass solid waste, you "only need a small amount of toilet paper", so a toilet roll may last a month or even 3 months. Note the words "simple and reliable test", not "100% accurate test".I was trying to steer you to THINKING about the possibilities or probabilities and not giving you ideas that might set you looking in the WRONG PLACES. We are all slightly different and To a greater extent, the digestive system is "mechanical" in it's actions. Think about the Anus, Sphyncter, Rectum, Colon, Large Bowl, Pelvic floor muscle, etc. They are all a sequence, if you affect them all slightly, then you will get a "cumulative responce". Work on the basis that all your problems are with in 12 inches from the rectum.ALSO sitting down, standing up, walking and more, all effect the "end of the digestive system" and possibly effect your level of smell. It might seem like an impossible chore, but think "simple & logical", you do have the ability.Start at the end and work backwards, perhaps 4 smaller things make a bigger thing (i.e. if you had 1 or 2 of the smaller problems, then you would not realise, but since you have "X minor problems", they are reacting with each other to make a noticeable problem - I hope that makes sense).Being insecure can make it worse and possibly add more symptoms or problems and also lengthen recovery time, i.e. muscles and the system are "tensed" and so react inappropriately at times. ALSO remember, when you feel the slightest stress, REMEMBER to be a bit "laid back" in the knowledge that there will be an answer to your problems (I know it is easy for me to say, but when you get through to other side of this problem, it is a lot easier to agree with my comment, so work on that thought).In summation -1) if the smell is from Glands - go straight to a Doctor, 2) if it is from the Rectum, then think "a few small problems making a big one" & "with in 12 inches", if you are not into reading books, then go to a Doctor or Nurse and get them to explain about how the bits interconnect (and do work on the principle of 3 to 5 small problems causing a big problem).You are not the first to have had this problem and the above has helped a few people previously.Some people will laugh or pass judgment, it is the stupid way that too many people think, they always pick on "the lesser person in their eyes". They would feel like you if they had the same problem, but they do not think like that, they just think about themselves, so they are idiots.But just because they are idiots, makes you no less of a man, in fact, because you can deal with the problem with out retaliation (human reaction is fight or flight response - "flight" would be not attending school classes), you are actually CONSIDERABLY SUPERIOR to them !If what I have said does not work, the go to a Doctor straight away, get on with your life, get it sorted, as you said "don't want ... years to be a mess".Good luckTerry
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  • Here's a big thread on ones who have the same issue and what has been said http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=30402
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