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Sleepless drowsy spells

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 15, 2006
  • 02:12 PM

I have "episodes" during the day where I feel extremely tired, as if it is 2am or I've been drugged, but I can't fall asleep even if I try. I sleep well at night, and get 7-9 hours most nights. With the episodes, I often get chills, and it often feels like severely hard work to breathe (but my airways/lungs are fine) and I end up panting out of breath or breathing really slow (about 3-4 times per minute.)

These episodes usually come on about 10-20 minutes after eating or drinking, but I don't think it's food allergies because it has happened even after just a glass of water. Sometimes they come on after a brief physical exertion, such as squatting to check the lowest shelf at the grocery store.

I have neurological symptoms (dystonic muscle spasms and apraxia of eyelid opening) that flared up when these episodes started happening, and tend to occur with the episodes, but the neurologists don't think these episodes are caused by a neurological problem. Other medical history: mild allergies/asthma; microscopic colitis; rosacea. Family history of thyroid disease- my maternal grandmother and both her daughters. But my thyroid tests have been normal. Great grandfather had parkinson's in his 80's; neurologists tell me that is insignificant to my case.

Doctors have been testing me for 6 years, but all tests have been "normal" including MRI, EEG, and extended sleep study. I'm not expecting any miracles here, but the doctors are out of ideas so if anyone here has any......... please help!

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  • have you ever tested for reactive hypoglacemia? or Diabetis? usually those who do not process sugars correctly get really sleepy after eating and the symtoms go away once the sugars are processed... you might want to ck into that...
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • November 15, 2006
    • 08:22 PM
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  • Thanks for the brainstorming. Yep, those were checked, and results were normal. Myasthenia gravis was negative, too, as well as the indicators for auto-immune syndromes in general, thyroid issues, and adrenal/cortisol issues. Heart and blood pressure check out healthy, although pulse is usually near 100, even resting.This is just so frustrating. I didn't even realize I had neurological problems until these episodes started, the symptoms used to be so mild. Now I have periods where I am unable to open my eyes, my foot turns in and under, and I can barely walk (diagnosis: dystonia). Energy-wise, one day I can zip all over WalMart, and the next day I get severely winded just walking down the hall to the bathroom. And it's the "not knowing" that is the worst part!
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • November 16, 2006
    • 04:50 AM
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  • Hi Tatia,The first thing that comes to mind is a form of anemia called pernicious anemia..because: 1) You have a family history of thyroid problems..which pernicious anemia has been associated with. 2) being tired all the time..no matter how much sleep you get. Do you have headaches? I have pernicious anemia..and before treatments started..I had headaches 24/7, tingling and numbness in arms and legs, fast heartbeat even when resting, brain fog..unable to concentrate. I would check it out on this website and see if the symptoms fits. You say that you also have Rosacea...so do I. Do you take antibiotics for it? I did, for more that 10 years. Antibiotics has a side effect of causing insomnia...so maybe your not getting the restful sleep that you think that you are. Also, I will tell you of some thing that can help your rosacea problem to be less of a problem...it is taking OMEGA FATTY ACIDS. It seems strange to comsider this but it works...I take a product called: 21st century-triple omega complex 3 - 6 - 9 ..reflux free supplement. I take 1 softgel a day. There is a lot of other good brands out there too..just be sure that you get one that is reflux free...because alot of people have a problem of belching the fish oil and getting a fishy taste in their mouth..the reflux free doesn't do that. It will take about a month before you see good results..but when it happens..you will be very glad you started taking it. I had been on antibiotics for more that 10 years to control the breakouts...after taking the omega for a month..I was able to go off the antibiotics! I have been off antibiotics for more than a year now! it is fantastic! Also go to some medical websites and get the info on it..it has many, many, great benefits. Good luck..take care ..skeeter
    skeeter 42 Replies
    • November 16, 2006
    • 02:04 PM
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