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Skin red, burning, Severe spine/Joint pain!! HELP!

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  • Posted By: JohnClabo101
  • June 11, 2011
  • 11:17 PM

Alright so my name's John, I'm new to the boards here but I'm in some serious need of advice. I'm at my wit's end here with all the pain, lack of help and people doubting my symptoms.

Lets start at the beginning. About 8 months ago I went to the doctor for some minor shoulder pain. I believe I pulled a muscle or something....something totally unrelated to the current disaster. At that doctor appointment he mentioned that I had a lot of grinding in my knees. They weren't in pain or anything but he did notice a great deal of grinding.

Fast forward a bit....maybe say, 4 months later. I started to notice a lot of odd back pain along with this very odd skin thing. My knees would turn blood red and feel as if I had gotten the most severe sun burn ever....only I hadn't been outside to get sun. My forearms would do this every once in a while. Shortly after, I notice my hands are turning blood red, same thing with the burning....then the feet.

So fast forward again, now in the present. I have a sharp shooting pain running down my spine, skin turns blood red and feels as if it's on fire. The knees will sometimes do the opposite and turn dark purple...almost black and get cold. My hands have also become extremely painful. Im a fast typer....and its depressing to have my hands hurt to the point of me being almost unable to type this.

I have NO insurance, and little to no money available. I've spent a small fortune (by my standards) to go see a Rheumatologist, a hematologist, a cardiologist, and my primary doc. To make matters worse, my PCP has essentially given up. He refuses to try ANY sort of medicine....and Im not talking JUST narcotics...I mean ANYTHING for the pain.

I can't take this much longer....everyone I've seen has said they know something's wrong, but cant figure it out. I'm in an unimaginable amount of pain, I have gone through bottles upon bottles of advil to ATTEMPT to make living manageable. I need relief....but above all, I need answers and a resolution. While I desperately need drugs to relieve the pain, I need a solution more. Drugs are only a bandaid Im afraid.

Sorry for the wall-o-text ladies and gents but I'm out of ideas...thought I'd post this here and see if ANYONE has ANY ideas...

Oh and I'm 24, 230 6'2. Don't smoke, don't drink, don't do drugs.

I've been given baclofen, I've taken adderall for 4-5 years, wellbutrin, and a mile long list of other medicines such as ultram (didnt do a dang thing), tylenol 3 (worked to a tiny extent but it was a short supply from the ER), and a low dose of hydrocodone (doctor said he didnt want to give me anymore...just out of the blue. Said he'd prefer I go to a pain clinic...which he knows I cant afford).

Thanks again EVERYONE! PLEASE HELP! I dont know how much longer I can take this pain....it's ruining my life!!!!! :confused: :(

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  • Someone please help this guy.I have been having all kinds of problems for the past year or so, my most recent of which is left shoulder pain with occasional burning and reddening of my hands and arms (as if sunburned) for reasons unknown.
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  • Someone please help this guy.I have been having all kinds of problems for the past year or so, my most recent of which is left shoulder pain with occasional burning and reddening of my hands and arms (as if sunburned) for reasons unknown.Still no luck on a diagnosis. One doctor did mention something like "Arthralgia - purpra - weakness syndrome" which is a rare auto immune disorder. The tiny bits of info I can get on the disorder seems close to the problem at hand. Only difference is I dont react well to heat, cold helps. This is getting worse though. The joint pain is disabling. The skin is terrible looking and I feel miserable. Not sure how much longer I can go on like this. The pain is getting to me! :(
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  • Some symptoms remid me the inflammation of the peripheral nervous system (PNS/spinal cord) with complications. Skin condition is important issue to be considered. Did you visit dermatologist?What did he mean by "grinding"? Actually "arthralgia" means plain "joint pain". Did they find something wrong with your joints? did they excluded arthritis or maybe arthrosis, bursitis, etc. - inflammation or dystrophy process inside? Did they notice any abnormalities of your connective tissue? What kind of pain? Just "fire" feeling or something else? Please clarify
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