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skin rash on arms

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  • Posted By: p8ntrpeg
  • July 19, 2007
  • 09:43 PM

:p I started with a skin rash - red, very itchy with small bumps on my arm near my wrist, hydrocortizone cream really didn't help but benadryl did. Now the rash goes all the way up my arm to the shoulder and I also have a rash on my back at the top by my neck. It's driving me crazy, the itching is really bad. Can anyone help me figure this out?

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  • hi, i am having the same problem, i am waiting for blood tests and a skin biopsy result in a couple of weeks. if i have any leads i write you again and hopefully it might point you in the right directon. do you have any illness or conditions, even if they don't seem related?
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  • could be scabies or poison oak???
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  • Im thinking scabies also.
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  • ok, when the itchiness most intense ? night or morning or anytime.did you try any oral antihistamine ? see a dermatologist for your rashes take some scrap of it for microscopy check.
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  • Thank you to all who have replied. My answers to the questions are: The itchiness is bad 24 hours a day, the only thing that helps at all is Benadryl, for a few hours at least. As to the possibility that it is scabies - the pattern of the rash does not match the description of scabies at all. I'm pulling my hair out trying to deal with this. At least y'all cared enough to respond, which I very much appreciate.:)
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  • are the rash bumps in any kind of line or pattern, like following a blood vessel? i just discovered that the chronic hives i have was being aggravated by bed bug bites. a well meaning aquaintance gave me a free couch that had bed bugs in it. originally the posibility of bug bites adding to my problem was dismissed because i was the only one in the house who was affected. my boyfreind snores very LOUD (the neighbors upstairs can sometimes hear him!) i also sleep very poorly due to my symptoms so more often than not i fall asleep on the couch watching tv. for two weeks i was telling my boyfreind and doctor that something seems different and the course of prednisone doesn't seem to be working as well as it did for other flare-ups in the past. then we discovered the unwelcomed visitors. these things are harder to kill and get rid of than lice. i threw my couch away (even if i thought total eradication was possible i was too freaked out to ever use the couch again anyway) i spent four days going room by room gutting everything and scrubbing and spraying. from the first night i noticed a BIG difference, now i'm back to just have my ususal hives and itch. the severe allergic reaction i had to the bites combined with my regular ongoing issues needed two weeks of antibiotics both oral and topical because i developed a bad skin infection that almost went systemic. consider the possibility that this could be the problem, or at least be adding to it. at the very least it's one more thing you could rule out. i had a difficult time with this because i didn't want people thinking i was some kind of dirty slob. after i did a lot of research i discovered this can happen in the cleanest of homes. the parasites only feed on blood and it has nothing to do with how clean or dirty you are. i swallowed my embarassment to share this because if this is part of your i would hate to think you suffered longer because someone didn't share info! good luck
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  • Sonds like heat rash to me, behind the neck. That can be pretty itchy. But then again, scabies was a good possibility too.
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  • There's many recent articles in the news about bed bugs. Even the posh-est hotels are getting them. Good luck eradicating the buggers! Look up viral rashes and see if the pix match your rash.
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  • It sounds alot like when my husband had. He was diagnosed with shingles. I'm pretty sure the doctor should have been able to tell you that upon looking at the rash but I've been to some doctors who shouldn't have been allowed to graduate medical school so you never know. The only time I've ever had a bad rash was when I had a very bad sunburn and broke out in an itchy rash right where the sunburn hurt. The doctors said I had solar dermatitis. Sorry I can't be of more help. I'll pray for you.God Bless!-Rev. Barbara
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    • September 25, 2007
    • 00:26 AM
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  • i have a skin rash as well but it doesn't really itch it does ocationally when it looks kind of dry (then i think its probably eczema) but its big bumps that congregatelike a rash i'm not sure what to think of my goodness. i hope someone can tell me what it could be so i can be a little more relaxed about it. i'm so sick of going to the doctors every two weeks for something different and most time all i get is some different types of antibiotics.
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    • September 25, 2007
    • 09:05 PM
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  • Greetings-- I hope you see a doctor. Rashes can be caused by many things.
    aquila 1263 Replies
    • September 26, 2007
    • 05:35 PM
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  • I have had the same prob... my rash is only on my arms i have had them for yrs... they come and go but it mostly comes during the summer when it is hot i live in south texas so it gets hot... it starts out as a little rash and itches like crazy and of course i scratch and then it spreads from wrist to elbow but nowhere else... i have gone to doctors before i lost my insurance and they have all told me it was eczema but idk if they were right i have friends with eczema and my rashes look nuttin like theirs... but if i find anything else out i will share the info...
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