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Skin Rash/Blemish on foot/ankle

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 16, 2008
  • 06:14 AM

I developed a blemish/rash on my feet and ankle/lower leg

it looks like a bunch of little red dots on my feet/ankles

It doesn't itch, doesnt bother me at all really, except its kinda ugly

I thought it would just go away, but ive had it for about 2 years now with no real change

I do have dry skin on my feet if this may be the cause, but i cannot get any other help on the subject, please help

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  • Petichiae can be caused by other things besides Lyme disease.
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  • Yes, this does seem very similar to what I have. I need to do some more research on the topic to be sure.Can you give me any info off the top of ur head?(Problems it can cause, treatment, etc?)Thanks a lot for your help, as I've been very unlucky in finding a good answer
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  • i have also had this problem for about 2 years..initially when all of this started i went to the doctor because i felt like i was getting a cold and it felt like i had a hair on the back of my tongue tickling my throat, he then asked me if i had any red spots anywhere, but i didn't get them until a few days later and i had a flea infestation at the time so i thought they were flea bites until after i got rid of the fleas and the spots did not heal.. unfortunately the doctor that i saw at the time has disappeared so i've been unable to ask him where he was going with his original method of thought.anywho since i said i didnt have the spots at the time he ordered a viral hepatitis test which came back negative although my liver enzymes (ALT, AST, and LDH) and lymphs at the time were highly elevated. since then everything has returned to normal but the spots have steadly increased their numbers.I've went to multiple doctors for this and they all check to see if i have blood in the urine an such but those always come back negative and the blood work usually comes back normal so they cease further testing seeing as i have no medical insurance. and i've been told that they are supposedly harmless and that they will go away with time, but they havent even diminished with their progression and have finally moved all the way up to my thighs. at the last doc's visit i was told to go see a dermatologist, but i don't have the money for this and i'm not sure that this is just a skin ailment although it could be.i've noticed some things in the environment do have an effect on them such as if a pilot light is out and gas is leaking they will get bright bright red and alot more of them appear but the ankles/legs seems an odd place for asphyxiation related petechiae i've managed to find some herbs that heal the spots but they dont prevent them from coming back so i'm only managing to treat the spots as a symptom evidentally so in question what other symptoms have you had with this during or right before being afflicted with the petechiae rash on the ankles/feet? and did yours also begin at the ankle and move to the feet then up the legs? did you have any MRI's run within a few months of the petechiae rash? have you been exposed to any gas leaks or other noxious gases in your home?
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