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Skin problems ,fatique and depression

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  • Posted By: carla 12345
  • February 4, 2009
  • 06:33 PM

There is a infectious disease spreading across the world and it is not being reported in Mainstream Media.
It can start out with depression ,teeth problems and dry thining hair and skin .
Or it can start out with the most insane itching that nothing helps.Then sores develope which take ages to heal and usually scar.
Most sufferers get a scabies diagnosis at first and when the treatment doesn't work they are told it is all in their heads.
This illness goes by a few names as there has been no official study yet.Sufferers call it Morgellons Disease or The Fiber Disease.
There is currently no cure for this illness and we are still
waiting for the results of a CDC study.
If you feel you may have this don't fall victim to the sharks selling miracle cures.
There is no cure as of yet but people are being helped by taking supplements and detoxing,avoiding processed food and generally looking after themselves.
I started this thread because I can see from the post here that a lot of members have this illness and early treatments are usually more effective.
I had it for at least two years before I realised I had Morgellons.

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  • Here is a full list of symptoms. It may seem too long but most sufferers suffer all of theses at some point during different stages.Hair Hair appearance - stiff, brittle and dryWiry, uncontrollable hairs replace normal hairHair texture and color may change as more "wiry" ones grow inHair lossSmall glob of clear sticky substance at root end of hair when it falls outHair color does not adhere well to new hair growthHead Bumps, lumps, lesions or "channels" on headHeadaches Brain and Personality Memory loss (short term, recent memory - "What was I saying?Where did I put my coffee mug?)Brain fog - groggy, unclear thinkinUnable to think of specific words when communicatingInability to focus or concentrate - ADD/ADHD symptomsMood disorders and mood swings, including loss of temperLibido - lack ofLoss of interest in things that normally interest youDepression Eyes Floaters on eyeball surfaceLoss of visual acuityIncrease in discharge, often stringySandy or gritty feeling in eyesFeeling of foreign objects in eyes but cannot locate or removeEyes are extra-sensitive to lightEyesight is generally weakened Ears Ears itch Ears ring or beepEars become clogged due to sinus drainage Nose Allergies or sinus problems - excessive congestion, mucus productionMucus is thick, stringy, cohesive, dries into very hard substance Nostrils develop excess thick hairNostrils develop very sore pimples Mouth & Throat Teeth become sensitive, crack, chip, feel like they're becoming hollowTeeth become loose and/or fall outSore or tickling throatHacking coughConstant sinus drainageGlob of congestion always hanging at back of throatTaste buds malfunction, may fluctuate from keen tasting ability Skin Crawling feeling on the skinPinching, biting, stinging or prickling on the skinLesions - itchy, sore or painfulBrown mole/freckle type spots may appear Open cuts or wounds -slow healing"granules," like sand grains can emerge from skin"shards''similar to glass that emerge from skinBlack seed-like "specks" on or in the skinTiny "fuzzballs" in the lesions, emerging from lesions, and on (or falling from) intact skinBlack tar-like substance coming from skin poresSkin texture becomes rougher Pimples - sore, long-lasting, can't squeeze out - Rashes - unusual,random Skin pigmentation Skin loses its elasticity BodyAppetite decrease or increaseWeight loss or weight gainGastrointestinal problemsBack pain - neck and shoulder pain fatigue InsomniaWeakness - strength diminishesBloatingJoint painMuscle twitching or crampingDizziness, disorientation, vertigoSeizuresBlood pressure problems (high or low)Heart races or beats irregularly for no apparent reasonLiver problemsAbnormal overheating as well as temperature loss problemsExcessive sweatingCannot stay in sun for prolonged periods without becoming illDrastic body temp fluctuationsNew, normal temp runs lower or higher than your previous "normal"Stools and urine may contain foreign-looking matterIncontinenceHardened splinter-like material beneath skin that is difficult to remove,Ingrown hair that is difficult to remove, extremely painfulFingernails change shape and/or textureFiber or thread-like material emerging from the skin, or visible just beneath the skin
    carla 12345 18 Replies
    • February 4, 2009
    • 07:09 PM
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  • http://www.morgellons-disease-research.com/Morgellons-Message-Board/For info and advice if you think you may have this
    carla 12345 18 Replies
    • February 13, 2009
    • 00:45 AM
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  • I've had Morgellons for 23 yrs, there is no cure, I'm seen humorous Doctors & been to 5 hospitals, they call you DOP I also got sent to a shrink...
    I fell for the Debriding Soap from the US, it cost me £98.76 with shipping, it was two plastic bottles of liquid, it hasn't helped in the slightest, it's sold by Richard Kuhns who when I complained on receiving it told me to go & ****h to someone else...I have tried everything under the Sun to try & cure myself to no avail...
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  • have you found anything to get rid of them. I am suffering and so is my two children. I am constantly cleaning and trying new things to eradicate this parasite. I cant see a doctor anymore as im always prescribed scabies treatment or its in my head. My children are only babies 1yr old and 2yrs its very hard to watch them suffer...please please help.
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • August 30, 2014
    • 11:43 PM
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