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Skin Disorder After Hair Colourant Reaction Please Help!!

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  • Posted By: ashdharas
  • June 9, 2008
  • 06:47 PM

Hi All

About 4 years ago I used a hair colourant which I had previously been using for years, I reacted to this colourant by my scalp receiving 2nd degree burns. This then developed into blistors all over the body, the blistors wept, after a few consultations and different medications, I was told it was Exzema, and prescribed with Betnovate Scalp Lotion and Dermovate Oinment. These did help and cleared most of it up but I am now left with my forearms and hands still blistered.

I'm now finding these are no longer effective and wonder if it is infact exzema. I am a smoker and have been for 15 or so years, I have tried Chinease treaments which also seem to be ineffective.

The blisters themselves are very itchy all the time especially in the sun, if anybody can help I can send pictures, of my hand which is the worst effected.

Can anybody help? or suggest maybe what it could be?

Please help

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  • I don't think after four years its from the hair coloring. Unless you're still using it. Theres a big ol warning though to all those who skip the skin allergy test step of dying their hair.
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  • Hi chromegirl666 No I dont use it anymore, I suspect the reaction has triggered something else, but im not convinced it is eczema. If anybody can suggest any treatments which have worked on them I would appreciate it ThanksAsh:)
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  • Depending on the colorant, some use metals to change the hair color. Has all the dyed hair grown out or been cut off? If not your body could still be reacting to the metal in your hair, if there is any. So on second thought it could still be a reaction from the dye-lol. I'm not positive on either, not a doc remember.
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  • hmm, that's interesting never thought of the metals aspect, but yes the hair has all grown out but maybe an allergy to some sort of metal. Thanks for your response
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  • No problem, wish i could help more :)
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  • Thanks Blaze Im so glad im not the only one this has happened to. I did have Asthma when i was young but it has been inactive for around 18 years now. The hair colourant first burnt after my return from Malaysia, could i have picked up anything there? I will check out the links you posted Thanks for all your help Blaze hopefully I can put this to bed once and for all, its totally doing my head in ThanksAsh
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  • This happened to me about 3 or 4 years ago. I had been using Herbal Essences hair color for years - same shade evenAgain with the lyme brigade being full of crap. Where did she even say what shade it was? I've met drug pushers more laid back about their product. Do yourself a favor Ash, and click on blazes name and check out thier other posts. Fannou will probably be along to second it shortly as well. Lyme is a serious lifetime battle, but its a rare disease. Getting tested for it can't hurt, along with anything else under the sun. I wouldn't get too concerned about it. Alergies to the dye is much more likely, but for craps sake, skin cancer is more likely than lyme from what your saying, and no ones recommending a test for that.
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  • Thanks for the headsup, chromegirl666, to be honest i knew nothing about Lyme. I think the best way forward is make a diary of what triggers it the most and then see, other options
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  • If your cause wasn't clogging your brain you would see that I didn't say lyme was crap, I said the lyme is a serious disease. And the crap is that you have previosly told people that you've had rashes from lyme and also told people that you've never had rashes from lyme, depending on their skeptisism. People are catching on...
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  • That was quite adult of you Blaze, thank you for backing up my point. I own neither a cell phone, or a cordless phone. By the way, I've heard like minded people with concerns of electronics messing with their brains that wearing tin foil helps.lol If you can post freely that you suspect lyme, I can post freely I suspect alternative options and your motives. Everyone is free to make their own decisions on that. You didn't misquote, you misunderstand what i'm saying. The lyme brigade would be you and fannou, not the disease. Is english your first language? I ask because "the anything brigade" -thats a fairly commonly understood term.
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  • Anyway, back to the matter at hand Ash. I think it might be possible to locate a box or contact the company about the dye to find out what its made of. Did you say somewhere else what the dye was that I missed?
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  • Hi Chrome I will have to try and get hold of it, i have a strong suspicion the chemicals had changed which is why i reacted. It was Loreal (the one that Andy Mcdowell used to advertise) in black Thanks
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  • I had been using Herbal Essences hair color for years - same shade even - So that was incorrect? I'm wondering really if this person is sadly hallucinating due to their disease. These arguments are becoming a real problem with a lot of people on here suffering from these twos rage.
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  • yeah im a littled confused where the herbal essences came from
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  • Yeah, its becoming a constant problem with these two, blaze and fannou. I've even seen people defending themselves against the lyme attack in their first post, since they read around a little before they posted-lolMakes me glad I'm not dealing with those two in person, I'd lose my temper. Have you tried loreals web site for a number though?
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  • i havent to be honest, will check it out and post my results
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  • I'm done arguing, and Ash, I'm not diagnosing anything, I hope no one thinks I am. I'm brainstorming here trying to help you find anwsers. If you talk to someone at loreal, I'm pretty sure they have a 1800 number for the hair dye stuff, don't forget to mention it was four years ago. They've most likely changed the formula by now. Someone there has to have record of what it was 4 years ago though. Then you could tell your doctor what to test for. Theres so many different chemicals and metals you can come in contact with it would be impossible to test for them all with no idea what to look at. You'ld run out of blood for the tests-lol :)
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  • lol......im sorry ive bn pmsl with the goings on. moving swiftly onwards lol.........sorry i can't help (being a true blond myself) (well thats what it says on the bottle......lol) but a suggestion i can make, try goats milk shampoo & goats milk soap these could possibly help u ! Best wishes:)
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  • Hi Tootsie Thanks for that, ill give it a try
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  • Hey tootsie--is there a way on here that you and I could speak privately about a problem on here we seem to both be encountering?
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