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Sjogrens Syndrome & getting pregnant if you have Sjogrens Syndrome

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 3, 2007
  • 01:54 AM

Anyone!! Anyone!!


Parietal Cell Antibody was 57. B-12 blood level was fine.
3 weeks ago my lower back got so stiff that I could hardly walk. Then 4 days ago I had to get up all through the night with such cotton mouth that I had to down 2-3 cups of water. The next day I had to drink water practically all day but not that night. It was as if I could not produce enough saliva to swallow like I should. It was different from strep throat or a sore throat. It was furthur up in the throat. Really weird. Nothing I have ever experienced before. I also had this mouth sore just pop up overnight on my lip along with 3 white looking sores inside my mouth. I have had these before but never this bad.

I thought I had liver problems about 3 years ago, but then I found out I had Endometriosis & just assumed all the problems were related to that. Well, that was until I had excision surgery & none of my problems went away (except for a little bit of the pelvic pain I have been having---which was the least of my worries).

I have always had a problem with very dry lips. I can't wear lipstick because my lips always start cracking & it seeps through the cracks & such. The only thing that usually worked for me was vaseline but I got sick of using vaseline (it is so sticky & I have a pet peeve for things that are sticky).

Also, when I was about 16 or 17 years old I went to an Ophthamologist who did this strip test thing & eyedrops & he put them in my eyes. He said if they changed color then that means I have dry eye. It changed (either yellow or green---I can't remember) & he said I had pretty bad dry eye. I have tried wearing contacts several times (& tried practically every brand out there) but they always stick to my eye & cause problems so I just don't wear them. At one time I was using lubricant eye drops & cream at night which was nice but I got tired of it. It was too much of a hassle. I just deal with the everyday eye pain, scratchiness, blurriness of my eyes. I have horrible night vision, especially with the glare. I especially hate the new LED lights that are on the new vehicles. They really hurt my eyes bad. The other day I ran off the road from that.

My hair is really dry & I lose quite a lot. My hair is slowly diminishing all over.

I used to have the most oiliest skin but now my skin is so dry. It feels (especially on my face) that I am aging so bad.

I have had recent blood tests come back with direct bilirubin in my blood (I am worried that this stuff is starting to affect my liver) & recently (this has never happened before) my urine tests are coming back with (& believe me I have at least 2 urinalysis tests each month) protein in them. That is got me worried about my kidneys.

I am also having headaches, ear pain & I am losing my hearing. I hate to say this but I am also mixing numbers & letters (such is the case with dislexia). I am a perfectionist & I have NEVER EVER mixed up numbers & letters before so I feel like something is wrong here.

I am also having a slew of other problems including severe fatigue.

I do have an appointment with a Rheumatologist but cannot go until end of May 2007.

I was told just a few days ago from a doctor at a clinic I go to that I might possibly have Sjogrens Syndrome.

My grandfather (dad's dad) had very bad Sjogrens Syndrome.

Also, can Sjogrens syndrome cause miscarriages?

I really want to have a baby---Can you get pregnant if you have Sjogrens Syndrome

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  • Sorry, I can't answer, what affects Sjogrens might have to do with getting preg or any affects it might have on an infant. You should use the eye drops, because you are causing more pain and problems to your eyes by not keeping them lubracated. Hair, skin and even vision changes can be related to thyroid malfunctions. Did you have a western blot test to rule out Lyme and its co infections??? All your symptoms can relate to Lyme. ...I was dx'd with many things including Sjogrens, before finally learning I had Lymes...Do some searches, check out lymenet.org Good luck.
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